OCCU-EVOLVE 15.0(WORK SESSION)-Agenda and notes June 1, 2012

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OCCU-EVOLVE 15.0(WORK SESSION)-Proposed Agenda June 1, 2012 by Hollie, Lauren, Sumumba and Robert

Location-Liberty Plaza

(Orientation before GA)- ½ an hour


  1. I.                    Reportbacks regarding other working or affinity groups’ actions for the last week (cool OWS news) – open e floor
  2. II.                  Brief OTS update Robert gave brief  reportback from OTS (STATEN ISLAND) location for OTS -Tompkinville Park
  3. III.                Teach-in on issues that are specific to Staten Island? Bill from Occupy Staten Island gave 30 minute teach on the history of Staten Island and the issues effecting it today and historically…

  1. IV.                Go into planning Occu  Evolve upcoming actions-
  2. V.                  Puerto Rican Day Parade Planning-Occupy Sunset Park meeting June 2, 2012 -Sumumba will attend

    1. A.      OTS: Staten Island, June 16-Sumumba and Lauren to man table for LGBT PARADE on June 2
  1. b.      What issues are specific to Staten Island-Bill (open floor to Occupy Staten Island)?Brief Discussion
  2. B.      Stop and Frisk March, June 17 Occu-Evolve will:
    1. a.      Have literature
    2. b.      Be Marching, carrying banner
    3. c.       Is tabling an option?
    4. C.      National Gathering July 4-Group consensed -will attend

      1. a.      What we know about the gathering so far-53 Occupies around country signed up.
      2. b.      Who is interested, how are we getting there?-Unclear
      3. D.      OTS: Bushwick, July 8-brief discussion, need more information


Announcements-Astoria/LIC action June 27,2012

V. Leisure Caucus? –Atiq’s Birthday Party (OccuEvolve Members)

 **NEXT MEETING location-Liberty Plaza

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