OCCU-EVOLVE 14.0(WORK SESSION)-Agenda notes May 25, 2012

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OCCU-EVOLVE 14.0(WORK SESSION)-Agenda and notes May 25, 2012

Facilitated by Sumumba, Robert, and Holly and Lauren

Location-Liberty Plaza

Introductions/Reportbacks Agenda-Robert Hernandez OTS, Lauren OTS, Sumumba National Gathering, MRG Proposal- Holly Health Care for the 99%, Mission Statement OBW-20 minutes-all items discussed…

I. Review last week’s notes-Sumumba-5minutes

II. What is Occu-Evolve (Brief overview for new comers)-5minutes-Sumumba

III. Upcoming Actions- For Housing 99%Hollis 5-28-12, June17, 2012(Proposals -consensed upon),

IV. Point Person discussion/Needs Campaign/Tabling-Proposal Rules for consenting -Brief discussion led by Sumumba

V. Ego Discussion(Ethics explaining) -10 minutes-Sumumba-tabled

VI.  10 Questions Part 1-group discussed first 4 points of 10 point discussion. No resolutions, but it was agreed that we’d work on the other questions as a follow up in coming weeks.-Hollie facilitated

VII. Actionable Items: following up on the 10 questions..-Hollie

VII. Announcements-10minutes-Occupic hosted by Occupy Astoria/Long Island City…Occu-Evolve members will be there…

VIII. Leisure Caucus? -none

IX.  **NEXT MEETING location Occu-Picnic**  and then internal meeting concerning needs of members sometime during week.

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