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 Agenda May 18, 2012

 Sumumba, Robert, and Holly (facilitators)

Location-South Ferry Terminal

Introductions/Reportbacks Agenda-10 minutes-Holly Health Care for the 99%, Sumumba, Robert –OTS, Lauren S.I. is working with Occupy Staten Island

I. Review last week’s notes-Sumumba

II. What is Occu-Evolve (Brief overview for new comers)- Robert read mission statement

III. Upcoming Actions-National Gathering, Feminist GA, 99% For Housing 99% May 29, 2012, OTS Sumumba-made brief announcements of those actions and upcoming events.

IV. Point Person discussion/Needs Campaign/ -Crown Heights GA STATUS?-brief discussion-Sumumba

V. Ego Discussion(Facilitation Suggestions)Discussion-Tabled-S

IV. Fundraising/Funding-5minutes-Open metro cards, travel to actions, concerns about OWS accountability, 5013c search as a conduit, Proposal by Sumumba –Consenus is group wishes to stay an independent group.

V. Affinity/WG Status?-Stay independent                                                                                             

Experimental portion of meeting-Hollie time keeper

VII.  Building Mass Movement (Open Discussion)-

Sara Burke spoke about 99% Solidarity  and gave a update on Chicago Summit, Sean K.  said Role of Internet was one of the best ways to reach people. Seth –think about intended audience  and(determine your audience) Mary-OWS has already created a model and we need to determine just what went wrong, Sumumba  also said: /’know your audience ‘ and realize and do your researched . Sean  M –wrong to just focus on internet AND  we need to have public forums in places  like we used with Liberty Plaza and other places around city. Bill said we need to get back in touch with our humanity, our and practice more respect with civility, Robert also spoke of the importance of public space. The  ‘Angry Pacifist’  spoke about the Occupy at Federal Plaza.

VII. Announcements-None

VIII. Leisure Caucus @Blarney-Stone/

 IX.  **NEXT MEETING location**-not determined

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