OCCU-EVOLVE 11.0 (WORK SESSION) Notes May 4, 2012

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May 4, 2012

Introductions/Reportbacks-5 minutes Ian masters program, psychiatry conference in philly, 99 training community voices-Drew


I. Review last week’s notes-Sumumba-2min

II. What is Occu-Evolve (Brief overview for new comers)-5minutes

III. Letter Writing Campaign-Open discussion-3 minutes

IV. Proposal(s)/Upcoming Actions -Jobs for all, National Gathering (July 4, 2012), Movie Night/Fundraiser for Occupy Sunset Park (ALL  Consented on) Brief Discussion- Bank Teach, in Kenneth Chamberlain-City Wide Actions (Another City is Possible) June 17th march to Bloomberg’s house….

V. MAY DAY discussion and de-brief-10 minutes Open Discussion..

IV. Harlem and building a Mass Movement/United Front-Nellie from Occupy Harlem/ Soap Box-30 minutes/No show…George Martinez and Aaron Black made presentations

V. Open Discussion/ -45 minutes

VI. Point Person discussion-needs-Sumumba made announcement

VII. Leisure Caucus- held in Harlem on 131street between 7th and Fredreick Douglass

VIII. **NEXT MEETING location** Sunset Park ( consensed on)


Our meeting took  place at Adam Clayton Powell Plaza on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd (7th Avenue)@7:30pm

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