OCCU-EVOLVE 10.0 (WORK SESSION)notes April 27, 2012

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April 27, 2012

Introductions/Reportbacks-both Diane and Ian did reportback from Occupy the DOJ


I. Review last week’s notes-Sumumba-2min

II. What is Occu-Evolve? Sumumba Did Brief review of consensed documents and process of Occu-Evolve

III. Letter Writing Campaign-Open discussion (tabled until next meeting)

IV. Proposal(s) -Jobs for all, tabled National Gathering(July 4, 2012), All tabled , Chicago Trip Stuart  made a presentation

V. Messaging for May Day-10 minute discussion, Occu-Evolve will be present with banner, Sumumba bottomlined communications for Occupy Bushwick and Williamsburg marches, also March with Occupy Sunset Park and Occupying the subway with Occupy Red Hook

IV. Upcoming Actions-OTS , May Day (Sunset Park), (Red Hook)- –Messaging, Banners, Buttons/Announcements 15minutes-Yoni may day, Jason cost(Stop, Stop and Frisk) 99 solidarity.net all discussed

V. Outreach-Group Discussion/Tabling-Banners-Brief discussion, someone offered a tabled, failed to get individuals name

V. Point Person discussion-needs-Point For Each GA in city-Robert –Occupy Queens and Bushwick, Gerald and Sumumba Red Hook, Sunset Park-Sumumba, Astoria/Long Island City-Sumumba and Dallas

Staten Island-Dallas and Sumumba

VI. Attend Red Hook’s next GA-Annoucement made, Sumumba will attend

VI. Soap Box (Open Discussion)-30 minutes NDAA LEGISTLATION….and then Open Discussion

VII. Leisure Caucus-  held @Killarney’s @10:15pm-

**NEXT MEETING location** Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Plaza in Harlem next Friday May 4, 2012 @7:30pm

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