NYCGA Council (WG) Minutes March 12, 2012

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New York City General Assembly

(Working Group)

60 Wall Street The Atrium

Attendance: Rabbi, Richie, Patricia, Occupier, Trish

Agenda: Metrocards,  Monied Affinity Groups, Proposal (Spokes Council)


Metrocards:  Chris, Trish


                 Monied Affinity Groups..Identified three, but it seems their web site could not be founded again.

                Will follow up with this issue.

                Proposal to Ban an Individual: Passed with the understanding that many do not agreed with banning an individual

                                         but this was the only avenue to hold an individual accountable.

                                                               To allow Spokes Council to address the issue because they had already banned a person for being disruptive

also this incident happen during a Spokes Council meeting.

                                                               Note: The General Assembly is the decision making body of OWS, and the final decision is theirs.

Meeting Ended

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