NYCGA Council (WG) Minutes 03.20.2012

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60 Wall Street (The Atrium)

Attendance:  Jose, Leonard, Trish, Patricia

Agenda: Report Backs

                 Organization Chart




Report Back:

 1. Jose… has occupied Union Sq. (overnight) Park is occupied, since Saturday…when it closes at  @2:am the occupiers take up space on the perimeter of the park, heavy police presence.

2. Leonard…Saturday protest and Ocuppy march @ Zucotti Park was sucessful, peaceful and many attended. He left after 11:00…That’s when the situation got out of hand.




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  1. Trish


    I returned to comlplete the minutes but were unable to gain access to the document.

    I have to long-hand version which I will attempt to post as a new doc. or if there

    are any suggestions…I’m open.