NYCGA Council Minutes March 5, 2012

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Attendance: Michael, Trish

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  1. Article, Wall Street Journal Pg. A6 01/28/2012
  2. Affinity Group(s)
  3. MetroCards


  • Agreed the WSJ article appeared to be a response to what an occupier had revealed over two (2) wks. earlier, relating to monied affinity groups on the site.
  • Affinity Groups: Occupy AIPAC, Movement Resource Group (MRG), Other Monied Affinity Groups

Occupy AIPAC presented a proposal to the GA; Not handled CORRECTLY by the facilitators.

Reviewed copies of this Affinity Group (MRG) online web info.

MetroCards: Only five (5) allowed to group. distribution made a part of minutes.

Chris and Trish received cards

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