November 9, 2012-Assembly Notes

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November 9, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-did brief reportback on Stop and Frisk, will have more information at next assembly.  Occupy Underground/Golden Farm Action –Sumumba, Carlos and Robert will bottomline action happening November 10, 2012. Occupy The Pipeline-Carlos reported back on a national day of action happening on November 17, 2012 (details TBA) Global Day of Action, November 13th-DAY OF ACTION,   against  Bill-Staten,Island -Malu,- Louis-. LOC-Jackie, Black Friday November 23rdAction/99 Picket, Tim-Gowanus,  Sandy-conference call radiation/microwave call yesterday 20 people, Barry Trower, Sumumba-Golden Farms, FUREE. Timothy-BUM RUSH THE VOTE went to Cleveland, Ohio for the presidential election and with Money out of Politics-Coalition. –A.M.-Occupy New York City Transit attended hearing on Wednesday low turn-out.  Hearing on fare hikes Tuesday at Baruch College 5pm. Bill-spoke of devastation from Hurricane Sandy from Northern to Southern Tip. Petition drive Money out of Politics continues to work with Money out of Politics, St. George ferry terminal. November 21rst will shut down Forever Young center for a Ferris Wheel and Corporate Project Development. New Brighton, West Brighton/St. George. Tompkinsville.  Tomorrow walk for democracy starting from the Unitarian Church .

Upcoming Actions/Sandy Reportbacks-Golden Farms-Saturday OE will bottomline picketline 2-4. And will attend meeting on,  Staten Island about recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy on Saturday. OE will also attend Occupy Sandy efforts in Brooklyn at 520 Clinton. Sandy announced a conference call on Radiation/Electro Magentic targeting on Thursday via inter-occupy.

Open Discussion commenced after that on Hurricane Sandy.

23.50$ raised at meeting-14 in attendence

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