November 30, 2012 Assembly Notes

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November 30, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-Coalition, December 6, 6:30 St. Augustine  Church –Thursday- 290 Henry St.-Fundraiser. T.P.P. reportback hand out given Free Trade Amendment is pending however. Occupy The Pipeline-Carlos-Mobilization Day December 1, 2012 1-3 Rally and March. Gasenvoot. Jackie, Doug and Timothy did reportback on Occupy Sandy, announced follow up meeting dates (See Upcoming Actions, Meetings and Assembly on Occu-Evolve website. Sandy reportback on Electro-Magnetic targeting, follow up call on Thursday December December 6 Exploring developing hotlines to help people who have been targeted, the next call is Thursday December 6th 2:00pm (go to interoccupycom for more information) .at  Bill-Staten Island –recovering ongoing for Sandy on Staten Island, Occupy Sandy doing good work on Island.  AM-Transit Hearing reportback at Staten Island fares possibly going up on March 30, 2012 . /Crown Heights Assembly December 15th– Housing hearing on Tuesday December 19th . Nicholas from OALIC did reportback on Assembly…doing a one year anniversary event. Assembly on Sunday 2pm. Doug and Jackie also mentioned that organizing opportunities via Occupy Sandy may have passed  but there is a strategic research meeting December 1rst at 220 E.23rd 7th Floor at 2pm. Sumumba did reportback Occupy Queens-Cultural Competency, mission statement and community all passed, brief reportback on Golden Farms, negotiations with Sonny Kim have begun, large organizing rally for Fast Food workers on Thursday and also at the Occupy Walmart/Black Friday action November 23rd. Sumumba-also gave out 9 Occu-Evolve buttons

19$ Collected-Toward Weekly Metro Card

Open Discussion centered around Occupy Sandy’s connection to Occupy Wall Street. Group resolved to bring up this issue at upcoming Occupy Sandy and Movement Monday meetings. Group also decided that next assembly would take place at Murphy Institute on Friday 6pm-9pm 25 W. 43rd Street NYC. Various members also committed to take part in different weekend assemblies, meetings actions, including those at Golden Farm, Occupy The Pipeline, Strategic Planning Research Meeting, and OSP General Assembly.

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