November 16, 2012 ASSEMBLY NOTES

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November 16, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali

Introductions-Occu-Evolve needs/Roles to be filled

  • Data Entry-attendance, foundational documents, minutes, website-Sumumba
  • Flyering-Sumumba
  • Twitter, Facebook, Online interactions-Sumumba
  • Outreach/Online-Sumumba
  • Press/Media-Sumumba
  • Monday-Movement Mondays- Vision and Goals, Tuesday –LOC, Wednesday-End of Corporate Personhood/Money out of Politics, Popular Assembly-Saturday-Occupy Sunset Park, Sunday-Occupy Astoria
  • Movement el Bario
  • Stand By(s)
  • Recruiting
  • Fundraising
  • Speakers

Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-Coalition was found guilty,  Occupy Underground/Golden Farm Action –Sumumba, Carlos and Robert –Occupy the Ferry Occupy The Pipeline-Carlos Global Day of Action,HR 2606 Passed to allow drilling in the Rockaways, N17 New York City Public Library-1pm 42 public 1-3:30 pm-Convening at times square.  Bill-Staten Island –recovering ongoing 10am Speak out against closing of Forever Young Senior Center. Louis-. LOC -Doug-Reaching out to Occupy Sandy, Black Friday November 23rdAction/99 Picket, Sandy- Golden Farms,Occupy Queens-Cultural Competency passed, Bill Participatory Budgeting, process picking up more people are showing interest Group will work in District 19 approaching Councilman Danny Drum, AKASSA-Niger Delta, CDBG- A.M.-no fare hike campaign Bill-. Sumumba-buttons, Bronx Car Wash Action

9:30am-Occupy The Ferry 1:00pm-N17 , 4:30pm-Golden Farms-

Upcoming Actions/Sandy Reportbacks-Double Action Saturday-Forever Young Senior Center, N17 March 1-3 Golden Farms- 4-6  Sunday OE will also attend Occupy Sandy efforts in Brooklyn at 520 Clinton,  Wednesday Boycott Golden Farm 4-6, Friday-Occupy Walmart.  11am-5pm -40th 8th avenue .

Assembly discussion:

3.  Outreach/education that PRECEEDS all ‘direct action’-free public transportation, educate people about dangers of debt, greedy bankers, health care, housing, and education. Prevention, Foreclosure.  Sumumba volunteers again. Creating our own literature. Speak language of the masses. Environmental Racism, Why we do this, how it relates to wall street, how you plug into the movement/fight.  70% of Economy is based on consumerism. Talk to city council; Voter Occupy, educate ourselves and others about the issues. Don’t assume other people have the facts. People know that the workers are fighting back. Bring up global warming. 124 w.29th

4.            The creation of another structure for Occupy Wall Street

5.            From General to Community Assembly,

6.            Community agreements,

7.            Culture and Community-redefined Values based consensus… Autonomy vs. Community

8.            Human being BEFORE political ones.

9.            Voting as a possible tactic/voter education and community organizing as a key feature

10.          Framing of Issues as not just political or economic but moral or immoral:

11.          Program-what is ours?

12$ collected..went toward metrocard for outreach…

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