Notes from Tuesday Nov 9 Architecture OWS meeting

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Doxie of SIS and Occupiers present.  Also kind enough to facilitate.

Kelly of Sustainability present.

Evan and Jose of Occupiers, Kitchen, Tents present.

Mitch introduced Architecture projects overall as works in progress, inviting dialog.

Architecture project presenters: Name (design project) – Greta (Medical), Marcos (10-12 person Occupancy), Mitch (1-2 person Occupancy), Stana presenting for James (Social space), Stana (Library), Ivan + Mark (Info)

Each Architecture OWS presenter distributed drawings and outlined the parameters and constraints they considered.  Some distributed material samples as well.  Each presentation lasted 5-10 minutes and was followed by open discussion.  Total 1.5 hours of presentation and discussion.

Jerome Johnson of the New York Solar House project of the 1970s offered advice.

Reps from SIS/Occupiers and Sustainability agreed that it would be useful to have follow up meetings to address specific needs and concerns, as well as collaborate.  Sustainability suggested that an infrastructure study around the bike generators may be a useful project for Architecture OWS.  (ie centralizing the bikes or creating a sheltered Bike station adjacent to each function area, adding flooring to travel wires, etc).

Jose of Tent group suggested a role for Architecture OWS in designing/drafting/building flexible furniture systems (bunk beds with multiple functions) for tent interiors.

Next meeting: Saturday 11AM. To address logistical questions of Spoke Council and group clustering.  Also to assess timeline for project delivery. Discuss also Movement possibilities for Architecture OWS (as alternative to or in addition to Spokes Council). Discuss money for materials.

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