Notes from Tue Nov 1st Architecture meeting – feel free to add in comments

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Updates from projects in process:

– Greta working on Medical tent – building out a component for next Saturday, not full project
– Mazdak – working on media as light installation – projection in other parts of city, virtual Occupy Wall St.
– Mitch posted design for 1-2 rain shelter on 4’x’4 pallet base.  (See here in Docs).
Info Desk – unclaimed
Introductions: Tim – builder; Howell Powell – slid blue board insulation under the tents; Ivan + Mark – team of builders and architects (Pratt)

Reinhold advises – beware of counter-tactics prolonging the feeling of emergency.  What can Architecture do to reclaim/create/defend space for thinking.

Question of purpose of architecture projects – climate vs media image vs site organization.  Also, Zuccotti as WIP proposal for society, provoking question of how to live together.  Possibility that architectural knowledge can contrbute something to this process, in addition to day to day survival.

Updated projects list:

Cafe – James
Library – Stana
Comfort – unclaimed (2nd round of projects)
Kitchen – unclaimed (2nd round of projects)
Info desk – Ivan + Mark
Media – Mazdak w/ support from Sina
Medical – Greta

1-2 person Occupancy – Mitch

10-12 person Occupancy – Marcos

General Assembly – unclaimed/ outside thoughts from KJ (Greta’s connection)/ group discussed floating ceiling.  (Also, see forum here for thoughts on acoustics)

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