Notes from the Occu-Evolve Meeting April 6, 2012/Action Items for NEXT meeting…

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Hey Occu-Evolvers,

Well I’m NOT a great note or minutes taker so I will do my best and basically speak on what we discussed and consented on :) April 6, 2012

I. Jack Rabbit (Movement Building) did a ‘Teach In/Discussion’ about Consensus from CT. BUTLER and the group consensed on tentatively adopting this model for decision making: There are three levels in which Jack spoke from  3 Levels :  (1)-Open a Discussion (No cross talk) *create a safe space/no judgments and FOR EXAMPLE opens like this: ‘this proposal lights up our values by…Facilitator can call for consensus during this time  (2) Identification of concerns notes written down.
(3)-Open Back and Forth…..The group then decided that the need to identify VALUES would commence online. Sumumba has skeltetal outline and group will add to it online see below:

II. OCCU-Values (Just a proposal folks we need to add to this and take out points as well)


1 Starting with simple CIVILITY-Can we learn to Listen more than talk, and say ‘THANK YOU’ rather than EXPECT others to or get upset when they don’t?


2. Doing What’s ‘RIGHT’ versus Insisting on getting the last word to ‘be’ Right.


3. Less I and ME statements and more WE ones.


4. Always tell your truth, but realize there is always a THE truth, and it’s above and beyond opinions, perceptions and our ego’s.


5. Be MORE proactive than RE-active.


6. Be positive in word and thought.


7. Temper and Contain our Ego (Earth Guide Only/Edging God Out).


8. Be constructive (not destructive) in our criticisms and be self-critical too!


9. Refrain as much as possible from using curse or other offensive words around each other or anyone else.

10. Be more patient and gentle with one another to foster not only more compassion but understanding.

**I would hope that in becoming part of this movement we are seeking no only economic justice, freedom and to create a NEW world, but also to become better men and women in the process!**


III. The group then decided on Sumumba’s mission statement vs. Patrick’s  for OCCU-EVOLVE with some edits: and it now reads as this:

 Mission Statement Proposal:(consensed on) Occu-Evolve is a hub of thought,  information, empowerment, action, outreach, focused on the  evolution  of the Occupy Wall Street  Movement and all of the mass, progressive, and restorative movements in New York City who are engaged in the struggle to create a better future based on economic justice,  community empowerment, and the rights of all people to live a decent and meaningful life.


IV. Structural/Action/Outreach proposal-(consensed on) Occu-Evolve is composed of members and point people from various working groups of Occupy Wall Street, and general assemblies across the city,who collaborate with OWS, Community Based Assemblies, CBO’s and Movements on strategic city-wide actions, outreach and related projects. ((I made some slight edits to this which we can discuss at next meeting)).


V. Collective Agreement Proposal-(consensed on)


Collective/Community Agreements

By attending and participating in OCCU-EVOLVE, we hereby consent to the following agreements We are here to listen, participate, work and collaborate with Occupy Wall Sreet and (and ALL General Assemblies around the Borough), working Groups and affiliated projects;

* This IS a group and meeting space that welcomes all voices and political ideologies that seek to effectively improve the lives of all people in New York City and beyond.

* This IS an group and meeting space that welcomes and seeks to encourage traditional marginalized voices and members of all communities to have a say and decision in how they wish to live their lives * This IS a group and meeting space that is about positive direct actions, campaigns and other activities that seek to improve the quality of life of people in New York City and beyond.


* THIS is NOT a group or meeting for infinite divisive debates that won’t build this group or movement


* This is NOT a group or meeting space that excludes anyone based on race, class, gender, creed, and/or sexual or political orientation


* This is NOT a space that pushes individual, ego-based, racial, classists, sexists, homophobic and/or xenophobic agendas that seek to divide the people of New York City and this group rather than uniting it


We are committed to respecting each other and our host/allies who allow us to use their facilities to have these meetings and/or actions and activities


* Zero tolerance* for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone

* Zero tolerance* for abuse of personal or shared property;

* Zero tolerance* for illicit drugs inside of our meeting place, or at our actions

* No alcohol anywhere in our meetings unless except for functions organized through and with the facility.

We take care of each other and this space:

o We clean up after ourselves and our occasionally careless comrades

o We keep our things in order

o We de-escalate and stay grounded

o We turn our cell phones to silent/vibrate during meetings

o We honor the facilitators, proposers and those on stack by refrain from side conversations

o We don’t abuse points of process, procedures or information to make personal points or jump    stack

o We allow each meeting to have a ‘soap box’ section for members to voice points of information, concerns or general thoughts ((as it relates to improving the Occu-Evolve  and the Occupy Movement and actions, campaigns and strategies))


* Anyone who continually breaks these agreements* will not be granted access into our meetings or activities for 30 days. After 30 days, they may request a review of their standing with the group, and given that the group consenses, former members will be readmitted to group. But if they break any of the agreements again they will be denied access to group for another 30 days. More than four continuous disruptions and that person will be banned permanently from OCCU-EVOLVE.

V. Facilitation- Suggestions-


1. A healthy Structure that’s not so rigid that voices get cut off or shut down…

2. Limited Direct Responses

3. Balance

4. Humor

5. Humility

6. A time and space for Soap Box

7. Stick to agenda but allow for some space to alter it when need be

8. No allowing of folks going multiple times on stack.

9. If a GA or meeting goes past time, and we still have business to take care of we continue GA in another location. We trying to help change the world and you know what? Sometimes we need a little more time to make sure we take care of ALL business instead of being a slave to process.

10. Step Up/Step Back should be remembered and enforced at all times.


VI. Immediate Needs: (Never resolved at meeting)

We also need someone or many to bottom-line our meetings and in several key areas:

1.        A Minutes Person

2.        Stack Taker

3.        Timer

4.        Data entry of new people

5.        Orientation

6.        5 Borough Liaison

7.        Tabling

8.        Cbo’s and Outside Movements

9.        Accounting

10.      Outreach/Movement Building

11.      Consensus Decision making

12.      Education-Sunset Park

13.      Parents

14.      Direct Action

15.      Facebook/Twitter/Blogs

VII. Upcoming Actions: (Announced only, no resolutions on actions except that we would be supportive of all of them)

#A10-Justice For Trayvon and Rahmarely Graham Union Square 6pm

#A14 Spring Awakening (April 14, 2012)

#A17 Tax Day April 17, 2012


May Day-Sunset Park/Red Hook- May1, 2012


**Needs/Preliminary Agenda for next meeting (April 13, 2012) @60 Wall Street 7:30pm**

Sean K will present his list of reform to group

Group will decide its values

Actions/Outreach Discussion

Leisure Caucus discussion

Point Person discussion

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