Notes from Saturday Nov 5th meeting

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Evan + Jose - Presented concerns about Architecture OWS work. Group not comprised of Occupiers sleeping on site. Expressed skepticism about architecture as a discipline, in relation to construction, carpentry and users. 
Marcos - 10-12 person Occupancy. Proposed ceiling over site, tying ropes to trees. Integrated water drainage, possibility of hanging walls. Comprised of existing
blue tarps.
 Jenny and James were at Spokes Council rehearsal, reported that they registered OWS Architecture as an Operations group, which means doing practical stuff. Seems there will be some sort of adjudication as to which groups are 'Operations' and which are Movement groups (more theoretical). The real Spokes Council #1 is on Monday. Mitch is listed as the Architecture Spoke.
 Kiril - Shared guidance and advice on process and methodology. Encouraged focus on architecture as Direct Action, making/doing.

Mazdak - Media. Mobile identity proposals. Next step to reach out to Arts + Culture, Outreach,  Sustainability (for pedicab version of billboard truck, etc).

Stana - Library. Shelving system for storing existing plastic bins. Stacking, rectangle with seating and storage for books. Library stakeholders consulted = Zack and 2 women. Previous tent was removed because it was an eyesore. New transparent tent may act as greenhouse in winter. Space for writers giving talks. Respecting existing trees.

Jenny looking at elements using materials available in the area, rather than a whole project. Warm walls. Ways to use Wall Street's shredded documents as building material.
Greta + KJ on Medical. Two groups of ten people on site at one time. Two connected spaces. Mental health, 2 spaces for medical, info area.
Drawings of pallet floor and ceiling assembly system.
 Mitch - 1-2 person Occupancy. Proposed curved tarp support with pallet floor. Design needs: more development of rainwater gutter detail.  More info on sustainable materials: - Bamboo poles (Nemo was manufacturing), non-PVC tarps, etc. - More info - Stana + James on social spaces - Toronto using T-pees and yurt type systems. Problem with social space is that social space will be Occupied (for sleeping). General scheme of intersecting circles, 8-12 people, talked to Nebraska Josh of Direct Action. Partner with Direct Action. Currently, security crisis is happening in this space. Creating commons within a village, home base for Direct Action.

Presentation meeting Tuesday 6pm.
      - Group to draft invitation to stakeholders and those we are asking for help. Collective drafting via email, by late Sunday.
      - Suggested invitees: Media, arts + culture, direct action, comfort,
rep from legal, cafe, sustainability . Green consciousness.
Kiril suggests meeting re: site planning around Medical. (w/ Greta, James, and Mitch confirmed) for Tue 8:30pm. Concern: medical 2 corridors for access.
(Ambulance needs ot be able to drive right up to medical)
 James: Site activity update -> Portapotties now in effect

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