Notes from Oct 29 Architecture meeting

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Note: I will distribute emails of everyone who attended the last 2 meetings separately via email.  It was decided at this meeting that email will continue as a method of communication, in addition to this website.


Disseminating info and files from site survey
Greta and Mazdek completed physical site survey and are in the process of completing CAD drawings.
Confirmed that existing Town Planning site plan is very accurate. Will be posting CAD file to DropBox account.

Tent information
Remains unclear. No further information since Thursday Town Planning meeting.
See forum topic if you have information to add.
Some noticed that many tents on site have the same label, but no confirmation that these are a subset of the reported 200 tents donated.

Determine ongoing meeting location
All ongoing regular meetings to take place at 60 Wall Street, atrium. Saturday 11am.
And Tuesday evening. We discussed moving the Tuesday meeting back to 6:30pm, but this would cause a conflict with GA.
Meeting will remain Tuesday 6pm.

Reviewing outstanding unclaimed design projects (tent diagramming, Social
area, Cafe area, Library): All 2-to3 weeks project timeline

Cafe – James
Library – Stana
Comfort – unclaimed (2nd round of projects)
Kitchen – unclaimed (2nd round of projects)
Info desk – Mazdak
Media – Mazdak w/ support from Sina

Sleeping area 1-2 person occupancy – Mitch
Sleeping area larger scale – Marcos

Inventory specification (including 200 donated tents) – unclaimed

Updates on prototyping

Mitch refining prototyping budget this weekend, launching kickstarter campaign to raise rapid prototyping funds.  Met with client S, viewed existing $50 Kmart tent.  Drafting design for improved shelter from wind and rain.

Marcos has diagrammed some concepts, scheduled upcoming meeting w/ client W.

Next steps and timeline

Saturday Nov 5th.  Each project leader to present budget and scope of work for Architecture group review, defining deliverables for presentation to GA (ie full scale prototype, mock-up of components, renderings, construction diagram, etc).

Nov. 8th – Expected presentation to GA of concepts, process, scope of work.

Nov 12th – Each project leader to present full project within Architecture group, having completed full scope of work as outlined Nov 5.

Nov 15th – Expected presentation to GA of complete projects with budget required for full-scale roll-out.

Next meeting is Tuesday Nov 1st at 6pm.

Note from James re: meeting that followed w/ Town Planning:

Several lawyers and members of OWSLegal are actively discussing first amendment issues in the occupation’s structures. Someone from their working group can come to the next
architecture meeting Safety and security is emerging as a major issue (just FYI);
we may want to consult with the safer spaces working group to get their thoughts
There is a need for a diversity of shelter sizes, accommodating different numbers of
occupants: 1,2,3,4,6, etc. even up to 10; we should coordinate with town planning
regarding this We need to be designing for sheltering systems beyond Zuccotti park;
In 3 weeks there could be 1,3 or 7 occupations in NYC. We could also be swept out of
the park and for a period of time have no home base. Also, we should add “medical”
to our list of subprojects (a design for future occupations) If we can develop Mitch’s idea for a “tarp ceiling” to go over the tents that would be great what
are the specifics of this? where are we sourcing tarps? We should not be scheduling
meetings that overlap with the GA at 7pm; the aim is for as many people as possible
to be participating in the GA every day.

Note from Mitch in direct reply: I will be posting design documents related to the ‘tarp ceiling’ for the small repeatable units (1-2 person occupancy) before Tuesday’s meeting.  Here in the Docs sections.

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