notes from nov1 open forum meeting

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Open Forum meeting on Nov 1




* more minorities should be heard à shouldn’t be mutually exclusive from Open Forum’s (OF) idea

* move away from academics (open forum should be not more than 15-20min didactics anyway)

* experiences with past OFs: varying degrees of “success” (= # of people present, timeliness, people’s mic, subjects discussed)

* Maria: see ‘host protocol sheet’ on nycga website for making OF happen in the plaza, check in with speaker beforehand!

* Antonia: OF on credit unions was amazing! in terms of presentation, audience interaction etc à Maria mentions that this presenter was someone who contacted us to present at OF!

* Q: do other groups know that we have OF every night and that we are open to ppl suggesting presenters? à problem is that we are still listed under “Education and Empowerment” but we will become our own WG soon (sorry, is this correct?)

* idea: reach out to other WG’s, e.g. People of Color WG à comment: we should not put this on the WG’s but find presenters ourselves!




* there are several GA’s in NYC by now à we should encourage our speakers to go to these, too!

* remark: especially when we can’t accommodate a speaker on a certain date we should refer them to other occupations (PoI: most other GAs meet on weekends!)

* Maria: do we have contacts to other occupations? à we are in touch with three occupations by now

* suggestion: we will keep contact info for other GA’s in a google doc in the google group

* Alejandro volunteered to be contact person for other occupations

* suggestion: we will contact all past speakers if we can pass on their information to other occupations à Maria will add this to the host protocol

* Christopher and Maleni volunteered to contact previous presenters

* clarification: we won’t organize other GA’s open forums but promote interested speakers!




* in progress, Lauren was working on it à Christopher will check with Lauren

* includes parameters for speakers when presenting at OF

* speakers will have to agree on the protocol before their talk (have this confirmation on record!)



CONTACT INFO FOR OPEN FORUM, and posting meeting notes

* OF google group’s name: (open for subscriptions)

* OF email address:

* education and empowerment google group: (send email to join)

* education and empowerment email address:


* Alejandro: pls don’t send google doc to presenters directly!

* it was decided that we will post our meeting notes on the website (under “docs” in education & empowerment) and share link to notes and sensitive information with our google group




* channel exists but there are problems with posting videos…

* Maria will send info about new website (by nycga) to Maleni, Maleni will follow up




* we might need an indoor space soon à logistics is working on finding an indoor space for presentations, Alejandro will get back to us on this

* if you know of indoor spaces, pls email logistics at

* let’s always put 60 Wall Street as a back-up location (in case it’s too loud at the park, there are other actions, if it’s raining…) on invitations and make sure we tell presenters (Maria will put this on the host protocol)




* Maria: we got Yemeni activist speech on livestream (yeah!)

* PoI: tonight’s GA passed resolution to buy domain site for occupation! So there might be a space to livestream our

* re-scheduling livestreaming training: will be held next Tue, Nov 8, at 8.30pm at Papertiger’s office (this training will be our next week’s meeting!)

* Alejandro will send email to education&empowerment listserv asking if people who can’t make next week’s training would be interested in alternative training date; if we have critical mass we will schedule second training via doodle




* meeting on Sundays; student assembly hasn’t liased with them yet

* they would love to host a speaker! (if we can’t accommodate one of ours)

* Q: is there a difference between teach-ins and GAs at Wash. Square? à yes! Teach-ins were planned by different groups



* Alejandro: distinguishing OF from other groups within education & empowerment (e.g. teach-ins, workshops…)?


Suggestions to add to guest protocol:

* Maria: OF is  “clear presentation of broad ideas” = short presentations and focused on Q&A (NOT very detailed info presentations, “not professorial”) à we will relay this to presenters! Encourage them to stop after 15-20min for questions and discussions

* if there are is lot of theory to cover, encourage presenters to start with definitions or bring definitions sheet with them

* refer to a good video as example for speakers!

* always get detailed description and abstract from presenters beforehand



Also on agenda:



[we tabled this item because none of the ppl who proposed this were present]



[Jennifer was not present, so we tabled this item]


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