Notes from Movement Coordination subgroup meeting 11/14/11

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*Movement Coordination Meeting*
*Monday Nov 12 noon*
– Tammy gave update, check the info in the email
– new ways of operating
– Tammy gave update, check the info in the email
–  someone else needs to collect other names at Tuesday meeting and send
them to Tammy
*Naomi Klein*
– ongoing meeting with intellectuals with other movements
– there are others who are doing this
– Cari and Lisbeth were emailing with Naomi Klein
– Matt Smucker website  – articles could generate
material for dialogue
– what will get the enthusiasm going re: involvement from other countries
who have experience
– DA doing long strategy sessions at 6pm – importance of collaboration with
– do talks 4-6pm with DA?
– a task force was created to work on this further (Cari and Lisbeth) who
will bring their plan to us
– also work with Outreach and PR
*GA Norway *
– Norway contacted Kobi and want to someone from OWS to go to Norway on ~
Nov 25 (can negotiate for later date).  They are going to create PR media
around this date.  They are wanting to hear the story of OWS.
– thinking that we could go to another place to train in facilitation is
– could we link people in the location re: resistance that has happened
throughout history
– need to be aware of costs (they are going to be paying the way)
– building a global solidarity movement is something that is fairly new
–relationships to other locations are fundamental to movement building
– look at what are we going to lose and gain for each moment
– need to have combination of people from movement building and training
– go as autonomous individuals, should discourage people going as official
delegation of OWS
– should create a culture of research about who the people are, what their
background is, etc.
– for Eqypt we didn’t brainstorm all of the things that happened
– Need to learn from Egypt experience – we should have slowed down, and
done all the research before hand
– we need to learn from this, once you get into the international stuff, it
opens up a whole other area – we need to think this all through before
agreeing to it
– the international connections are taking us away from other things that
we need to do here (i.e. interocc)
– we could set up trainings re: strategy use of privilege and resources
– cultural sensitivity
– how do you represent OWS w/o representing OWS
– PASSED PROPOSAL: Task Force work on protocol for national and
international travel and we tell Norway that we need to figure this out and
then get back to them after. Leah and others will work on this task force.
Kobi will gather background research on Norway
– we need to see in video that the proposal has been approved by their GA
– our focus needs to be on creating the connections nationally as a first
– it is frustrating to feel like the international stuff is taking all of
the energy
– need to be inviting more people to these meetings so that work gets
spread out
*next meeting*
– no Thursday meeting
– Friday noon – should discuss friendly amendments before Friday 5pm mtg
– Friday meeting 5pm to discuss friendly amendments to Egypt proposal
*letter to dept of justice *
– stopping police injustices against first amendment rights
– ways to mobilize people to make calls
– communiqué from our GA to others, it will go to the GA tomorrow
*Dec 6*
– exciting opportunity for us to expand movement to new audiences and
political spaces
– this action is a potential collaboration between movement building and
direct action
– have been a series of these actions in other locations (LA, Minnesota)
– gaining traction
– meeting tonight at 5pm at 60 Wall to talk about how day is going to look
– spread out recruitment, coordinate with other occupations
– discuss: how is day going to work in NYC (coordination between community
group, anti-foreclosure groups, OWS)
– 3 main groups
– anti-foreclosure movement have sophisticated network (will
lead the way)
– Take Back the Land
– community base orgs – has depth and breadth (will connect to families and
local neighborhood
– former ACORN
– different coalitions of them
– Occupation movement (will hold space through bodies and
– our job is to connect more occupations to bring them to other movements
and bring national
– month long conversation has been going on
– there are elements of privilege in Occupy movement
– these national networks already exist – we need to connect local occupies
to community orgs and anti-foreclosure movement
– need to get people on DA call Tuesday at noon
– need to keep a spreadsheet of our contacts in these places
– phone banking is happening after this meeting

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