Notes from Jan 8 Healthcare for the 99% Working Group Meeting

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Notes Healthcare for the 99% Working Group Meeting

Facilitator Mark Hannay
Note Taker Katie Robbins



Danny Robert, Coalition to End Medicaid Enforced Pov

Nadina Laspina – “”

Julie , DIA

Omar – Healthcare NOW

Josh – HCN


Harry – Medical Support Group

Dr Steve –

Mary – Zuccotti Park

Dany L – PNHP

Beth –


Louis Flores – St V Activist

Dorothy Ross –first time – Visitng Nurse Servcie

Saul – Zeitgeist Movement

Enza – UU Church

Margaret – UU

Maureen Miller – PNHP

Heloise Rathborn – HCN

Katie Robbins –

Alyssa Aguilaera – NYPLI


Report Backs



Xmas eve sleep out– Louis Flores reports – James and I slept outside ST V on Xmas Eve – harassed by police a little, but it was a safe form of protest – People were there til about 2am from community. People appreciated it, but not sure how big of an impact it made.


Disability Caucus – Nadina and Danny 2-3 – Nadina working to get off the ground…DIA involved from beginning. Now have official caucus, and will have meetings.  Disability Community in NYC has been advocating for sp for many years.


Josh – Working with Mike T, of OWS Queering Group, and POC and DA groups, to organize a teach-in around Financial Transaction Tax


Occupy Brooklyn GA –  Danny L – About  20 people there very happy to see Bill and I. Talked about HC99 and People’s Bfast. Don’t have hc group yet. Not best idea to add more working groups right now. Danny will be a liason. – anyone can go and get login – post read about what’s going on. Thnks they are a great group.


Mark – Labor Outreach – events coming up this week. Check and for events related to MLK Day – the big thing coming up this weekend is that contract expires this weekend for Transit Workers. Major rally in support of TWU on Sunday of MLK day harking back to I AM A MAN Strike of Sanitation Workers.


Also a number of OWS working groups talking about major day of actions on May 1st


Thursday – action in support of Transit Workers targeting Goldman Sachs.


Meir – Monday MLK Day event starting at 10am OWS Action promoting an event Starting at African Burial Ground downtown and marching around lower Manhattan – march to Harlem.


People’s Breakfast – 20 min – Three Subunits – Logistics, TurnOut, Press and Media, and What the Program looks like that day  – Wed, Jan 11, 7am – Press Conference at 7:30am – Segue into a people’s speak out using people’s mic. Happening outside of Brooklyn Marriott. This action is being done in response to Cuomo’s BK Working Group to look at Hospitals in Bklyn. Could close without major action. Mostly serving uninsured, public programs, communities of color, work group existed for about 6 months. Did public hearings, reported on recommendations (mixed bag), One really bad idea is to change NY law so that publicly traded investment firms can invest in NY hospitals – Breakfast is hosted by Crains’ and will feature Wall St Insiders including Steven Berger.  Breakfast will be small. Received anonymous donation of $100.


We did go to OWS Kitchen – not able to do so right now, because of financial difficulties –


Steve – supplement – Berger was head of commission that closed hospitals around state a few years ago – he is not a healthcare expert – but a wall-street investment banker. If we had a rational system of financing hospitals, we would not closed hospitals that serve sick people.


Josh – I was wondering if we could get a brief run down on groups participating and points that might be expressed? Mark responds – Reached out to Save Our Safety Net, NY Comm For Change, Occupy Brooklyn, Unitarian Univ, HCf99 (5 speakers for press conference). What will the points be that they are speaking about? Mark responds – the spokes person from our group will reflect the talking points on the flyer, and email talking points, each of the other groups will speak from their own perspectives on the issue.


Bill – NY Comm for Change – concerned about the closure of the hosptials, and services to these communities, that’s what they will be talking about – publicizing it with their community members – Alyssa – having conf call at 10am to talk about the event – we are signed on to it, NY Lawyers, NYSNA, CIR, and prob BK ParaNatal


UU – Heard from a woman working at Downstate – speak as a worker or as a union member – points she wants to make include financial decisions have a class nature – these decisions are racist and sexist – Hoping for good turnout. At least 6 people will be there.  (pledged to make signs – thank you!!!)


Steve – cosponsoring orgs?  Please post to OWS list serve – you will be listed as in solidarity with OWS –


Meir – I like what steve said at the beginning – we need a system that doesn’t close down on hospitals that are most needed


Mark – Signs, Action Leaflet (who will do it?), Beth and Katie on donuts and coffee, no permit at this point – haven’t alerted local precinct – Main street off highway becomes Adams St – and hotel is on Adams. Across the street is the backside of the courthouse. Off Kitty Corner is borough hall – to the back of hotel is the metro tech complex. Several subway lines go right there. Next to hotel is a small to medium size plaza area.  Congregate diagonally across the street in a park area –


Ask for a legal observer – Steve will be in white coat – can someone bring a card table (Mark will bring).


Bring Chant List  – post to listserve –


What’s the action item? Call Gov Cuoma – Keep Wall Street’s Hands off Our Hospitals – Keep our Hospitals Open and Public


Bill – Fthr Cuomo put for-profit hospitals out of NY State –


Alyssa – Putting together report on Berger Process and will send to list serve –Talking to Sampson – Lopez – etc to get something together so that community folks, hospitals, can talk – release report – and announce it


Media working group  – Maureen, Mark, Alyssa, Katie, OWSPress – Pitch Calls


Recommended talking to Brooklyn Heights Press – Francesca Norson Tate – might be able to cover it –













Town Hall Meeting –Louis – 5


Louis – Trying to organize a Town Hall Meeting in LWS of Manhattan – Jan 23 decision that the City Planning Commission will render on the St V Complex about the zoning – vote for final approval – goes to city council – trying to org community to come up with ideas about what to do –


Update – first part is that this will activate community, second would be to use this meeting model perhaps in Bklyn to organize communities – will need help with facilitation of OWS and HC99 to run the meeting – working on space – draft flyer prepared would like to get feedback – working on getting community buy-in – talked to Yetta K and other folks within the steering committee of that coalition – aware that we are trying to organize this – will need help from HC99 in asking Yetta to use coalition email list – Need help getting the word out in OWS about the Town Hall. I have to pick and choose which GA or Spokes I can go to.  Purpose of the town hall is to generate action ideas, so how do we follow up on these ideas from within this community. What do we do with those emails? Do we create a subworking group – or what do people have for that ot look like –


Jan 19 – Thursday is target date


Katie – comments on working with existing groups on actionable ideas  as opposed to establishing a new group – the people at the meeting should communicate with HC99 but we may not need a new group per say and it should be transparent with the community assembly.


Meir – MicroCommittee needs to do more in terms of the planning of the meeting – Target date seems a little early –


Mark – given that today  is the 8th – the 19th is tight – urge to consider pushing it back – Urge that HCf99 to host the community assembly. We can provide the neutral table to come together – If it is either one of them sponsoring it might create difficulties – we don’t want to presumptuous enough to solve the problems – we just want to handle the process –


K – question about timing – Louis says this is a political issue – how comfortable do we feel taking on city council – someone has to rule in our favor – this is the last vote – frustrate the process for rudin – the only way to do that is to block the zoning –


Meir supports pushing the date up because we need time – community can be activated at any time –


Danny – urge that whatever venue selected is wheel chair accessible


Mark – Showing contrast btw community and elites – diff approaches about what to do in response – can the community speak for itself – and former hospital facility being converted into condos.


Josh – Meir and I went to OWS events like the event on race and unsettling occupation – if there isn’t a space, maybe DAWG could get a donated space –


Foot Traffic –Danny  3 – 5 –  Othr working groups have some very beautiful pamphlets and flyers that they bring to events – we need to get a group that will create a set amount of publications to bring to events- other parts of the foot action committee will be are the flip boards –buttons and logos – create a script for anybody that joins HC99 to engage others in this discussion – answer tough questions – Email Danny Lagassy Agenda items- Canvasing events will also be worked on – We want to take the message into a smaller setting in high foot traffic areas – Meeting is 7pm at NYC Poison Control Ctr. – Jan 11th – Email name in advance for security purposes.455 1st Ave – Dept of Health Bldg across from Bellevue.


Mission Statement – Meir – 10 min – We have a mission statement in progress for about a month or so – couple of iterations – full working group – presented it for comment and feedback and a lot of support for it with a few ideas – we sent a version out and I hope that everyone has had a chance to look at it – no printed copies – but I could read it out loud, but we were hoping we could adopt as is or if people want to change it we need to do it in this meeting – Temp is positive!


Meir reads mission statement


Nadina –it is wonderful – at first I had problem with patients in the beginning, nice to explicitly state disability activists – glad patients removed from very beginning – “add separate and unequal public government funded programs” into sentence about patchwork programs.


Raises concern about awkward phrasing around single-payer…need to acknowledge that there are other reforms as well –


[Final language settled upon is: “Therefore, we advocate replacing our unequal patchwork of public programs and private job-based health insurance with a universal publicly-funded system that guarantees affordable, comprehensive, high-quality healthcare for all.”]


Danny – it is great and we should move forward and accept it –  idea about a youtube video that shows a lot of people reading the mission statement.–


Josh – suggest additional to the line about single-payer.



Morning After Pill –Annie – 5min – NWL Action this Thursday the 12ht outside of DHHS 1pm 26 Federal Plaza at corner of Bway and Worth – If you are a woman and want to engage in the speak out, please ask – about access to MAP –



General Announcements


Steve – Left Forum 2012 – there will be a panel on healthcare – already submitted a health care track –please coordinate any health related panels


5pm when sessions finish being held at Pace U – as the Left Forum we would go from pace and march to Zpark for GA that night.


Also, put together an InterOccupyHealth Listserve to get folks talking around the country. I am trying to get it to not be only NY group.


Future Projects – Brainstorm  – 10 min


Jan 5 – oped in NYT on taxi vans –


Maureen – Medical Student Organizer – questions about OWS – afraid of being arrested, etc – propose that we create a one sheet explanation for med, public health, and nursing students on HCf99…Mission Statement – and Med Student Video – Teach-In oriented to health professional students.


Alyssa – CIR works with med students to come talk about how to be activists – socially minded med students – Looking to put together an event in the Bronx – black and Latino churches – on Medical Aprtheid – Legislation in the works. Collaboration with NYLPI and groups working on Medical Apartheid.


Josh on Brainstorm on Financial Transaction Tax – Support from Group and work with many working groups


Propose Agenda Item on Budget – Petty Cash Fund for small things


Disability Community – asking for support to do an action against Medicaid cuts and Move to managed care – we could use help from NYLPI – April 1 is when everyone has to shift to managed care….


Volunteer to Facilitate Next Week – JEN! Thank you!!!



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