Notes from Jan 15 Meeting

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Notes January 15, 2012


Intros: Donna, Rich (Vision and Goals), Frank (ISO), Caroline (Nurse Practitioner), Sam (Grad Student at CUNY Labor Studies), Meir, Beth, Kim (frist mtg midwifery student), Sandy Turner, Danny, Heloise, Laurie Wen, PNHP NY Metro, Josh Starcher, James, Louis OWS St Vincent, Mark Hannay,


Report Backs – Previous Events


Katie describes event –shifting sand in organizing this event. Unions joined up a couple days before to protest the closing of Kingsbrook Hospital. A couple hundred people were out. Great energy. Food donated.


Jan 11 – Discussion on People’s Breakfast – WE didn’t get much notice in regards to the unions plans – Union Leadership would like to meet and work together further – PEF, CSEA, UUP, NYSNA also there, CIR, Dr. Steve – Make sure we have our banner –for future actions (HC99%) – Make a pre-event check list – Navigating the politics of our stance on some of these issues – figuring out where we support specific politicians and how we want to approach a myriad of problems – so that we support HC99%. Look forward to continued discussion on this.


Sandy T – 39th Anniversary of Roe V Wade- demo in support of abortion clinic in the Bronx – march from Abortion clinic in a very busy hub of Bronx – POI – (move to future ideas)
Beth – Attended Outreach – Katie and I attended – interesting mostly focusing on strategy and tactics for leafleting tabling and subway work – talking about how to connect with people on OWS and deal with difficult people. Good ideas – Pick up OWS swag at 60 Wall street every weekday at 11am.


James – Visiting other groups – Occupy Honolulu – very small group – healthcare access not a huge issue there – group of 5 folks in healthcare group – statement on Americans Disability Act – Occupy Portland – medical group not active right now, GLMA also occupying New Orleans, will reach out to NYC group,


Mark – Labor Outreach Committee – planning sthg on May 1st – initially a concept of a general strike – designed to dovetail with immigrant rights groups who do events on May Day. Here in NYC there have been two May Day actions – one that is around union square, and another one centered around foley sq emphasizing unions – over the years trying to combine forces – A day without the 99% concept of a general strike. POC and Immigrant working group are on this too. May 1st is a Tues –


Meir – Movement Clearing House Meeting – Organized by other working groups that are more like us, the movement groups, focused on the issues. The demands group is organizing this.  They meet at 5pm Sun at 60 Wall St and might be a good idea to be a regular presence.


Foot Traffic/Outreach Update – Danny:


Highlights – Goal is how to promote HC 99 and the Mission Statement


Continue to promote the idea that HC for the 99 be a visible and strong presence and will occupy in solidarity wherever the healthcare message is needed.


A couple projects listed on notes that were distributed by Danny.


Early to mid Feb to have one of these actions – Jen will make them – if we send slogans –


TOWN HALL – Meir – Basically, the we want to call it Community Assembly or People’s Assembly – we had a good call this week with the micro committee – Date is 1/31 – Tues at 6pm – LGBT Center in West Village – 208 W 13th St – Basic Vision is to re-activate the community of people in West Village and St Vincent’s organizing – Have this assembly to get people talking about healthcare, their concerns,need for the hospital, and get them mobilized around an action of their choosing and hopefully links to the broader fight of universal healthcare /access to health. HC 99 will help with facilitation, and this could be a model we can use in other communities – other communities impacted by hospital closures, etc.


NEED HELP WITH FACILITATION – Anyone interested should email Katie at – Goal is to get 10 – Josh, Laurie, Mark, Katie, Jo, Sam, Caroline, Danny, Meir volunteered. Louis will if needed.


Need to work with Outreach and Facilitation Working Groups – Facilitators meeting will happen before the event and get folks together to hash out what the event it is going to look like and be prepared.


Need help with outreach in the Village – please let us know if you can spread the flyer –


Louis – The minute we get the basic event out there – we can promote widely. Meir can make event today.


Mark – I like the idea of us facilitating the meeting and break out groups – there is a range of opinions about what to do – but to help the community come to consensus and decision on their own.  Yetta working on opening new facility in the community. Another groups wants to take a stronger stand to reopen hospital if at all possible.


Danny – Wants to get one of the Foot Traffic events to be in the Village in advance of the event. I know tow folks at Bellevue who used to work at ST Vincent’s and will work out to get them there.


James – Seems like a good opportunity to outreach to GLMA – is there a connection? ST V was the first hospital to detect HIV in the 80s – very vital hospital during the AIDS outbreak.


Beth – still on listserve of formerly employed St Vincent MDs and will send that along to the list.


Mark suggests NYSNA too


Laurie will send to ACT UP


Disccusion on Title of Event –  – We should go with ‘Occupy Wall Street People’s or Community Assembly’


James – Re-Occupy St Vincent’s –


Mark – maybe we can call it


Re-Occupy St Vincents –


A People’s Assembly hosted by Healthcare for the 99% a working group of OWS –


Meir’s suggestion is ‘Luxury Condos Can’t Do CPR! A St Vincent’s Community Assembly’–


Meir – Occupy St Vincent’s? A Community Assembly –


Re-Occupy St Vincent’s – A Community Assembly


Micro Committee will continue working on this –


Luxury Condos Can’t Do CPR! A St Vincent’s Community Assembly hosted by … WINS THE TEMPERATURE CHECK!!


Next steps – if anyone wants to join up – we will send an email out to add to the micro-committee…Add to the subgroup list the facilitators.


Status of First Aid at Charlotte’s Place –


Suggestion of having a list of free low cost resources for healthcare –t hat can be part of the outreach materials we have-


Sandy – went to CP on Friday – and they have first aid set up – open everyday M – F – from 12 – 6pm – Just First Aid – Trying to get volunteer schedule together. Laurie adds – in addition to first aid, sometimes people get education or talk about something that isn’t strictly medical, so counseling of various types and social service related stuff.


Charlottes’ Place is at 109 Greenwhich St –


Caroline – down there a couple weeks ago – limited in what they can do – can be sources for referral – education as well –


Sam – who is coordinating it? Medical Support Coordination Group –


Question about discrimination? Referred to Medical Support Committee


Meir – Free low cost care referral sheet? Is that possible?


Mark – Let’s work with the Medical Support Team to create it…




Louis – Can people who are spending money report back to the working group so we know who is spending money – so that we can track if anyone is spending money.


Mark – last Wed as an example – little petty cash fund to support things like that action – An Anonymous donor came forward with $100 which we used to support coffee – $50 from Metro New York for food – How would it operate? We want to keep it separate from OWS treasury – we aren’t talking about a lot of $ but a few hundred $ – should we be an unincorporated org or have a  sponsoring org –


Brooke – So important to be able to donate $ – not be embarrassed to pass the hat – organizing takes time and $ – and we need to pay for flyers and pens –


Danny – paypal donation button on HC99 temperature check – is there an alternative to pay pal? –


Discussion –


Katie – we should talk to someone at OWS finance or someone who knows how we should relate to the bigger movement and finances


Occupy Boston – Digitally is to say we want this money to be donated to this specific working group or specific project –


Katie will talk to Finance and see if there are any guidelines on what working groups do to raise money for supplies they need.


Mark will solicit an email to request anyone that is interested.


Danny volunteers to be part of it – Josh wants to make t-shirts – might be a way to get petty cash going – so google docs to make sure that everything is transparent.


Transparency really important!


Brooke added to petty cash committee and Katie on committee, Mark, and Danny.


Activist Retention – Meir – I like the article Beth sent out


– one of the criticism that this article brought up is that OWS is great at exposing people for the first time to the message but not good at retaining activists over the long term –I think we are really good at that – but maybe we can improve – Improtant is to follow up with people who are at meeting for the first time. Maybe have someone that will take on the role and after the meeting talk to them a little and figure out ways to connect on a personal level and add a little back story to what we’ve been doing. Answer questions, etc.. sometimes that can go a long way. 2) The idea of not flooding people with too may emails – one that is just announcements, and the other is planning and discussion that is high traffic. 3) Keeping very consistent meeting time and location – let’s put it out there that it is important –


Josh – we might want to consider a list – the outreach committee is trying to get as many people signed up to a list serve – so we need another way to engage them –


Heloise – When new people come in – we probably are not as clear about what we are saying because we have a lingo – we should try to think about being accessible in the language that they can ask questions.


Further Discussion –


Beth – Organizers list and Interested People’s List so not everyone was involved in the planning –


Louis-  Favor an action alert list in the future-


Jo – Is there an outreach committee  now? We are just forming…


Meir – supports two listservs – one for announcements – other OWS events too maybe??  And one for planning/organizing. We can add into sign in sheets a check box –


Danny – Outreach can have a sub committee for membership –


Mark – Labor Outreach has 2 listserves – one is event  and the other is called TALK. I hear Louis saying that there is something for the broad public –


Beth – make a point that ppl do political work but because they get to be part of a group that is comradery and sympathy – and we do that really well.




MLK Events happening some tonight and all day tomorrow –


Tonight the TWU contract expires today – no strike- but there is a solidarity support rally at 53rd and 7th where contract negotiations are happening.


Bunch of actions happening tomorrow – various OWS work groups.


2/29 Occupy Corporations


2/7 Mini Lobby Day


2/8 HCN NYC (Monthly meeting)


Danny – Something that came out of outreach committee is that we need to divide up people being responsible for certain projects.  We need to limit emails that go out about stuff – and hopefully streamline the tasks people take on – if you respond to something on the email list to one or a small group of people – send it to one or a small group of people –


Mark – FYI – Just like the situation in Brooklyn where there is talk of private investment to financially distressed hospitals, there is the distinct possibility that Emblem Health – only non-profit health plan is talking about converting to for-profit status..


Louis – 7pm Candlelight Vigil tomorrow 1/16 outside of Rudin sales office














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