Notes from First Spokes Council (11/7)

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WOW was present at the Spokes Council tonight with Mel B acting as Spoke, and Alexis and Amelia were also present. Melanie G was also present but acting in a faciliation role.

The agenda of the Spokes Council tonight was to decide which groups were Operations Groups, and which were Caucus groups.

The room was laid out with each group present having a “Spoke” (a person) represent them in the inner-most circle.

The process was that each group’s form (where their group, meeting times and purpose were outlined) was read out loud by a reader. Each Spoke would consult with their group on whether they agreed that group was indeed a Caucus, or indeed an Operations Group. If there were any questions about whether or not a particular group qualified for the status they indicated (operations group or caucus), the Spoke would raise their sign to indicate their group had a question.

All groups that had NO questions were consented on as members of the Spokes Council.

All groups that had questions were tabled until Wednesday’s meeting. Groups did not state or discuss their questions to the spokes council, they simply indicated whether or not they had a question.

There were two Women’s Caucuses present at the meeting. WOW (Women Occupying Wall Street), which is this group. The second group is Women Occupying Nations. There were questions in the audience about both Caucuses, so neither were consented upon as Caucus members tonight. That does NOT mean we will not ultimately be a part of the Spokes Council, it only means we were not made a part of it tonight.

You may be wondering, “What is the difference between the two groups?” It has to do with who is included in the Caucus. The Women Occupying Wall Street Caucus includes BOTH female-identified and/or female-bodied people. The “or” is important. The “or” means that if you identify as a man, but have a female body, you are welcome in WOW. This was arrived at by consensus at a prior meeting.

The Women Occupying Nations group, as I understand it, is for women-identified people only. So it is not for those who are female-bodied (or were born female) but identify as male. Again, this is only my understanding and was not explicitly stated in the Spokes Council tonight.

While I can’t speak for the other groups, I do know that at least one group wanted to know why there was more than one Women’s Caucus.

I anticipate that these are questions that will come up in the Wednesday Spokes Council.

The POC Caucus and Queer Caucus were included in the Spokes Council. Unfortunately I do not have a list of all the operational groups that became a part of the Spokes Council tonight, though I imagine that will be posted prominently on this site. The groups I do remember getting consensus include: Kitchen, Comfort, Sanitation, Security and Media.

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