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Notes OWS Healthcare for the 99%

Dec 18, 2011

Pace Univ


Katie’s notes start on Dec 17 discussion


Dec 17

Gathering of new group OWS Health Action – Louis reported since no one from OWS Health Action was at meeting yet… the group plans direct action around issues relating to health.


Group then marched to Re-Occupy Event at Duarte Park and covered by Fox News.


Discussion on group and goals and overlap with Healthcare for the 99%. Some discussion on how to work together. People will attend OWS Health Action meeting at 5:30.


Nadina announced Disability Caucus – will be participating in HC99 and other activities


Foot Traffic


Danny emailed in comments. Wants to lead an effort to do outreach on the street to have one on one conversations with people.  Danny emailed in description.


Discussion on adding a flip board to draw attention.


NY Lawyer’s for the Public Interest


Alyssa Aguilera (not present) working in Bronx looking at segregation of health facilities based on health and race.  Documentary circulating about medical apartheid. Highly recommended. She is excited to work with us on raising that issue.  Book by Harriet Washington called “Medical Apartheid”


House Calls with Occupy Housing


Steve B – Idea is to do look at the Occupy Foreclosures group and support it by doing a Occupy House Calls  – show up and deliver some immunizations, check blood pressure, check in on health, through PNHP we could get some white coats there, and nurses –


Maria added that medics have been working to be everywhere and need more help with docs and others. Maria working on a space close to the park to have anyone in the community to come and be seen by doc and nurses, counseling connecting with resources, whatever the case may be.  Medical Meeting Place is name because it cannot be licensed as a clinic. Still need to find space. Any space that can be donated is needed.  Licensed personnel will be there.


Racial Justice Training

Meir reported – Packed space a few hundred people were there. Presentation from Color Lines. She talked about the concept of organizing an inclusive movement. Starting at the margins – at the people without power and work your way towards the sources of power.  Race, different levels of race, internally interpersonally structurally and systemically. We did break out groups. Talked about the people around us – talking about ways OWS is inclusive and exclusive.  Put on by people of color working group and there is also an anti-racist ally group that meets regularly too.


Asiya – It helps to go to other Occupies. Occupy Bronx almost all people of color.


Vision Conference –Happening Now! No report backs


1st UU of Bklyn

Meir – Woman contacted us about the deteriorating public health system in Brooklyn. They have done some social justice organizing stuff through their work. Haven’t heard back yet.  Hope we can support their efforts


Live Streaming

Joe – communicated with livestream. Joe has is working on developing ustream so that it can be uploaded immediately. Joe will experiment today.


Mission Statement


Read out loud with group – Here are comments from people:

Move last paragraph to top –

change language from street medics to medical team

change residents to people –

voiced support for patients to be included in the first paragraph –

discussion on how patients fits in with this.

Discussion on capitalist system –

Sentence describing human rights would like gender identification because availability for healthcare is gendered and also sensitivity to transgender (2nd paragraph on second page).

Discussion on being inclusive on health and not just healthcare. .

Nadina says Add disability rights activists, and could add patient to the statement Debate on capitalism being included – maybe better to say corrupted political system. Believe in the right to health – how do we handle the word patient – sometimes we say consumer – implies that we have to buy it  –

corrupted political language very charged too.

Sick Care and healthcare – we now have sick care not healthcare.

If we talk about economic inequality we may be able to get at the charged language of capitalism/corrupt political system –

Discussion on the flow.

Economic inequality is also charged.

Concern about phrase on single-payer system – is it saying that we advocate for other reforms less than single-payer?


Town Hall

Louis reports that he has had conversations with Yetta who is not ready to commit to participating in town hall – for various reasons – but that she might jump in when she sees agenda and how it is going to be put together.


OWS Health Action


Babak – This meeting is about action and not talking about patients but participants – so the consensus we came to was on housing – so focusing on housing for teens – focusing on the issue that there should be universal housing for all – we all work in the general assembly process and there is a strict progressive stack that puts health professionals lower on the list and those most impacted as parts of marginalized communities to speak out – smaller group can incubate new ideas. If people feel they are getting bogged down – then we can think about creative actions to bring people in.  Also an idea is a 24 hours of care action– where there is 24 hours to deliver all things related to care. The broader we keep it the more people come to this – housing, community gardens, and more.


Crains Bfast Forum – 1/11 – Closing and merging hospitals will be discussed. Crains NY Business – a business publication is doing one of their breakfast forums – and they will do it on 1/11 in Bklyn – featuring Steven Berber (greedy guy!) and Pam Breyer (major med provider in Bklyn) and others.  Table for $700 to get in. We might want to do a public action – maybe an affinity group to get on the inside and mic check on the issues. Look to finance to help fund it. Bill and Mark should go to direct action on funding. Do 10 – 12 people want to do it?


Katie will be point on affinity group – be in touch if you want to volunteer at


Have an action meeting on the 26th or Jan 2nd  – Email poll on which date is best with the group…


Dec 20th – Stand Outside St Vincent’s Being Left Out in the Cold – That’s how the Community has been treated – Dec 24th – folks will be sleeping outside and Christmas caroling. Please join us!


Mobile Medics –  Maria – People are out there delivering healthcare – would be interesting to combine with some advocacy like where hosptials have been closed and provide services and talk about those issues.  Coordinate with Maria on joining up for their house calls


Dec 20th – NNU Rally – Stand for Healthcare NOT Hedgefunds! Can someone from OWS speak? Josh can!


Morning After Pill update – Looking at doing an action at DHHS – looking for testimony as to using it or not being able to access MAP who would speak or submit testimony – news will be circulated soon – Asiya knows docs who might be very interested. Be in touch with Brooke at <>


Jan 8 will return to 60 Wall St for 4pm Sunday meetings


Ended 6:10pm





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