Notes from 12/11/11 Meeting

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Meeting opened at 4:17 pm at 60 Wall St.

Introduction of 17 participants.


·      Next Sunday 2:30-7 pm there will be a mtg at Pace U for all involved
in OWS for strategic planning.  Details have been forwarded to the list.

·      Teach-in/speak-out at occupies in North Carolina was attended by a

·      Revised “Doctors support occupy because…” has been posted at PHNPNY

·      Video short series from the patient’s perspective will be shot
shortly.  Topic to be “what would your ideal health care plan be?”

NYSNA strike:

Nurses at least 4 hospitals have authorized strikes in the context of their
upcoming contract negotiation.  There will be at least 10 days notice
before the strike and it is proposed that we lend support to this movement.
One primary issue at stake is the demand that nurses cover more of the cost
of their own healthcare by management.  It is proposed that this concern
offers a point of commonality with the agenda of healthcare for the 99%

Medicaid Redesign:

There is a teach-in planned in Albany in the next week; they have requested
a speaker from Manhattan PNHP.  Report from disability advocate regarding
the Medicare redesign event : patient advocates were underrepresented in
favor of hospital and institutional representatives.  Several issues
discussed: Medicaid as a discriminatory institution and Medicaid as the
only payer for long-term care.

Mobile medic tent:

Previous medic tent at Zucotti was destroyed, lawsuit pending.  One
proposal for future action: take the mobile medic tent to sites of hospital
closings for outreach and activism mobilization.  Suggested to contact
former “heads” of the tent, Pauly and Maria before moving forward with this
idea.  Sandy Turner agrees to take this idea to the medic think tank.

Foot traffic:

Missing component of foot traffic/direct action has been identified.  It is
proposed to send representatives to public areas to speak about single
payer and to circulate petitions.  Danny offers to train members for this
action at space in Bellevue.  This idea received support from members.  Similar
idea to make videos of interviews in hospital gowns and broadcast them was
proposed.  Related issues: efficacy of street campaigns, appropriateness of
different tactics for different locations.

Mission Statement:

Draft of mission statement including identification of members, goals and
relationship with larger OWS movement is nearing completion.  Outstanding
issue: should single-payer language be included in the statement?  As of
now, this language is not present.  One consideration is the need to make
the proposal as inclusive as possible and to fit within the OWS framework
of not proposing single solutions but instead identifying problems.  Many
individuals present express personal support for single-payer.  More
discussion of this issue is needed.  Another issue is the inclusion of
language to include discussion of the social determinants of health.  Next
steps: draft to be sent out to the list as-is.  It is proposed that
comments on the draft will be limited to content.

Town hall:

Lewis reports: first town hall targeted for mid-Jan, before city council
vote on rezoning of St. Vincent’s.  Help required with 1) facilitation by a
Healthcare for the 99% member 2) recruitment of participants from among
members’ constituencies.  Site may be the basement of Our Lady Of Pompeii,
pending capacity needs.  Format and content of meeting not yet determined,
but it is proposed that the main purpose be to elicit ideas from community
members.  Alternately, there could be a combination of
structured/unstructured meeting.  Another proposal: breakout groups with
community members facilitated by members, followed by reporting back to the
larger group.  Coalition building with other occupy and immigrant groups

Inter-Occupy/how to support your local occupy group:

Occupy LA is interested in establishing Healthcare for the 99% in LA.  There
may be possibility to work together or issue mutual support statements.  It
is suggested to ask the OWS constitutional amendment group to add universal
healthcare to their mission statement.  Steve has been contacted by a
physicians’ group in Seattle for advice on how to connect with their local
occupy movement.


Next spokescouncil meeting on Wednesday will be a conference for organizers
interested in racial justice.  Meir has been receiving their emails and
proposes members attend; he will be there.


·      1 hour protest outside St. Vincent’s

·      Overnight protest Christmas eve outside St. Vincent’s

·      PNHP monthly forum Tuesday 7:30 pm

·      Demonstration January 21st for opponents of abortion will happen in
the Bronx

Proposals for next meeting:


Clinical research

Facilitator for next week will be: Annette

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