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Decided to always use mod con 75%

Decdided by mod con:  a standard format for notes and files on our yahoo site

File name: NOTES_yyyymmdd       

Facilitator  Name               

Note taker name

Working on:

Passed by mod con:

Assignments to do :

Set to do in next meeting:

New signups:    

Members can add to notes by typing in BLUE

Note taker will then reconcile BLUE and black

RED notes are posted for member’s comments [ please add in BLUE – do not change]




Facilitator  Itzahk

Notes John

Working on:   Each of us will approach 1-2 groups  in the next week or two    

There was an unresolved disagreement



Michael +Itzhak believe we need  to go to a  total of only 5-6 groups and get their

endorsement  – by consensus


John believes that we should first go to most of the 100+ member [second tier]  groups first to gain experience

Then we (2-3) of us go to the  6-8 {top tier groups } such as THINK TANK,  DIRECT ACTION , POLITICS & ELECTORAL REFORM, VISIONS & GOALS, POLITICAL ACTION, etc

After each presentation, we  post to THEIR forum – a thank you and an abbreviated sales pitch– that then goes via EMAIL to ALL of their members                  

When we are going to the GA we can post to THEIR forum to ask for support to show up.        

John does not feel that a group vote is important – he believes the people contact – in the meeting and in the form post is the key TO SUPPORT IN THE GA AND LONG TERM.


john’s concept –

I will send a message to  group “leaders” to ask for a block of time at a specific meeting


What do you see as the benefits to overturning CU?

Would you support us to get this passed in the GA?

Should our approach be to support one or two existing amendments, or just support the concept?

How can we move this to other occupy movements?

How can we move this OUTSIDE of occupy?                    

Can we count on you to write/email congress &  newspapers & spread the word?    

Can we count on you to support us at the GA?    


Actions to do

All of will go to at least one meeting

John will reorganize our yahoo files into a standard name system

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