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”Restore Democracy” WG – Notes from Meeting Held 11/30/11

Our goal: To have the OWS-GA endorse a resolution such as: “The Occupy Wall Street General Assembly endorses the Peoples’ Rights Amendment to the US constitution (H. J. Res. 88) ending corporate personhood, demands that each member of the 112th Congress and each candidate for the 113th Congress pledges her/his support for the amendment, and will oppose any member or candidate who does not. We similarly demand that members of and candidates for all state legislatures pledge their support for the Peoples’ Rights Amendment and we will oppose any member or candidate who does not. The General Assembly also calls upon its sister occupations to join in this demand.”  Should the OWS-GA give approval, we will seek to form an alliance of all groups and individuals working on such an amendment and spearhead a unified campaign to add this amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

At the meeting, we:

· Worked on the language of the resolution we want to put before the Demands Working Group and the OWS-GA.

· Discussed whether unions are considered corporations in reference to how they would be treated by the proposed amendment. John will research this and report back to us.

· Discussed our strategy for getting the Demands WG to endorse us bringing the resolution, including presenting our proposal to and seeking support from various WGs. Itzhak will suggest the best groups for us to reach out to and John will keep track of the groups we have approached and if they support us..

· Discussed how the list serve works and how it can support our efforts.

· Agreed that Rick, John and Michael would present the above resolution to the Demands WG on Sunday. They will meet in advance of the Demands meeting at 5 pm at 60 Wall Street.

· Agreed to make an effort to get more of the folks who signed our list to join the Yahoo list serve. Itzhak will write the appeal and Rick will send it out to our email list.

· Agreed we will reach out to Walter and his Election Reform subgroup of Demands WG.

· Agreed to continue to try to be represented on the website. Rick and John will work on this.


New signups:

                Richard Morgan

Donald Fleck

Jay Walsh

Our next meeting: Wednesday, 12/7, 6-8pm, at 60 Wall Street atrium. As many of us as possible should try to get there early in order to approach other WGs about our resolution.

Please send me corrections or omissions. Also, please send me a quick email acknowledging receipt of this, that you want to remain on the mailing list and that you’ll try to make our next meeting (it can be as quick as: “Got it. Please keep me on list. Will/Won’t make next meeting”). Thanks!

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