Nomadic University Meeting—November 19, 2011

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Nomadic University Minutes 11/19/2011

Time and location: 60 Wall from 2-4pm

In attendance:  Dave, Jason, Chris, Yukiko, Karen, Katje, Vincente, Suzanna, Ali, Joe, Pam, Bahareh, Ingrid, Randall, Nancy (first time)

1) We decided to put off the naming discussion due to low attendance

2) Discussion topic:  How are things different now and how do the changes effect NU?

There were a variety of thoughts and topics of interest/concern:

– New School occupation
– Forum on “commons”
– exciting week – inspirational
– short and long terms goals
– should put things in place more quickly
– speak to students/shift to student issues
– some who went to Sunset Park GA thought movement not so centralized anymore
– how do we do projects now?
– at facilitation meeting discussed: movement is no longer about Zuccotti, enlivens our work further
– Zuccotti served its purpose
– problem is that those outside the movement will see it as over
– visibility to globe , NY etc is important
– even if we do good work and people don’t see it, it doesn’t matter
– it’s now winter, fewer people are coming to our meetings, holidays
– where will the media go now?
– we need to keep up the momentum
– need to be prepared to be invisible to the media
– we should always ask how are we going to make this activity visible
– no longer having media gives chance to form our own narrative
– idea of narrative is important to movements

3) Proposals for what to do next

1 – some went to Sunset Park GA and asked if they could have a NU meeting there

– Pam raises the issue that last meeting we agreed to an email notification to today’s meeting, something else that was objected to happened instead
– many comments repeating tension of previous meeting
– some view this as a new proposal and do not feel making this request in Sunset park was in violation of our previous discussion
– Yukiko says that she was at the Sunset Park GA and that some people shared with her that they would prefer that we not come now
– Bahareh thinks Sunset Park is a possible public space in fitting with decentralization
– Jason points out that without background work done how can we propose a future action
After a lengthy discussion about making decisions about the proposals we agree to just listen to them because of the size of the group

List of proposals:

1) have the next meeting in Sunset Park (Vincente)
2) to work on different places – the ones from last time (the Bronx, Sunset Park, Harlem) and maybe New School and be less scared about starting to experiment (Suzanna)
3) to try to muster support from Thursday and get classes running via a proposed website infrastructure (Joe)
4) Day of Inquiry – go to various places, ask the question: what would you like to study, gather responses, spread out, have a discussion (Jason)
5) Go to different GAs to find out what’s going on in other places – what do they want to learn (Yukiko)
6) We each bring something we want to learn or teach to the next meeting (Ingrid)
7) come up with talking points so we are all on the same page when we go to different places (Karen)
8) that proposals are written so that we can consider them for next time (Pam)
9) That we set up a task force on teacher training – the way that teachers teach should be tailored to our ideals (Dave)

We agree that Ali will set up an online form for the submission of proposals for next steps for NU.  Proposals are due next Sunday, November 27th.  Ali will set it up so that there is a grid where comments can be entered so that we don’t have an email mess.  Yukiko reminds us that we are a direct participatory group, there are constraints, meeting in cyberspace is a great idea. (Did I get that right?)

4) The next meeting will be on Saturday, November 26th from 2-4pm location TBD.  This meeting will be dedicated to working groups, since it is a holiday weekend.  The next full NU meeting will be on Saturday 12/3 from 2-6pm at the New School.  (Miguel can you arrange?)

5) Ingrid discusses possibilities for online presence
– types of models for schools:  direct how to, content, archival
– what would we want to include?  Wiki vs WordPress
– group agrees to submit online proposal
– Ali suggests that we experiment with Google+ using circles and hangouts to form classrooms
– Ali brings up the concept of a protest social network – where you could manage work groups effectively, google+ could be possible though privacy is an issue

6) definitions and concepts: emancipation and education
– They will forward a handout to the group
– getting away from the “teachers says”, teacher as emancipator – how can we avoid? think of new ways, avoid being missionaries
– what does it mean to assume equality of intelligence?  assumption of inequality: installs dependency, distrust – student is incapable of understanding problem
– critique of “problematize” from Nancy who joined the meeting toward the end

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