Nomadic University Meeting—December 3, 2011

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NU Minutes, 12/3/11

Facilitated by Ruth & Karen.


Proposals on how we run meetings:

–          adoption of timeframes for discussions (with timekeeper) & when time reached consensus will be asked to see if we want to continue discussion. Passed.

–          attempt 100% consensus model by revising/editing proposals but if this seems impossible, group could shift to 9/10 consensus model. Passed (100%!)

–          Who speaks – suggestion to adopt popcorn style for discussion of proposals; another suggestion to use ‘parking lot’ where some topics that occur in discussion could be placed in this p.lot & kept to the end of meeting for 10-15 min discussion.

–          hospitality: suggestion to share names & personal ‘temperature check’ at start of meetings.

–          later suggestion to be more sensitive towards language/cultural differences as there seemed to be miscommunications at some previous meetings/people felt alienated. Suggestion to continue on in vein of Saturday’s meeting (which people seemed to agree had positive, working together vibe).

Discussion of proposals:

This was the majority of the meeting. There seemed to be warm encouragement of all proposals/logistical questions of how to integrate them. In the interests of time/space, I haven’t reproduced this discussion (David recorded the 4hr meeting). All proposals are at–Username: amostash; password: nomadicuniversity

1)      Walking Tours (Ingrid)

2)      OWS Day of Inquiry (Jason)

3)      Teacher Training Task Force (David)

4)      Occupy University (Joe)

5)      Young Ecologists (Ruth)

6)      Civic Empowerment Curriculum (Miguel)


Discussion of how to move forward:

–          Proposal: That Ingrid can move ahead with Walking Tours proposal (as this seemed the most straightforward to set up/the others were more dependent upon structure of whole). Passed, suggestion that Ingrid can maybe put together budget/check with group about needs (i.e. Cynthia could print the maps needed).

–          Proposal: That a group work on combining the two macro proposals (Joe’s & Miguel’s) to come up with an overall framework for NU. Passed. A task force was set up this week to work on synthesizing these proposals (Cynthia, Joe, Miguel, Ruth, David, Chris Crews)

–          Proposal: That we use the Nomadic University website ( to conduct discussions rather than Google (and thus try out/experiment with website as a platform for hosting this). Amended – discussions to continue over gmail for the moment, but the task force on creating macro structure will try communicating through forums section of NU website this week.

–          Announcement: A speaker from an NU equivalent in South Korea is coming to NYU to speak from 1-4 on Friday Dec 16th. Limited space so contact Yukiko at if interested.

–          Next Meeting: 2-4pm, Sat Dec 10th. Location TBC, but probably a POP, either 60 Wall or Trump Tower. Location to be decided by Thurs night to help people plan. Some sort of social event to be had at 4pm – details to be discussed over email. Zane to facilitate.


Items on Agenda not covered to be Discussed next week:

–          Document on Introducing NU created by Karen: discussion to be had at next meeting.

–          The Name: Chris Casuccio will set up email thread to collect responses on name so we can have proposals/discussion of name next week.


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