Nomadic University Meeting—December 18, 2011

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OWS E&E Nomadic University meet Sun Dec 18


Report backs

Occupy University at the un-conference: LA occupy person said they were getting a bill through about campaign finance

Discussed motivation for university, different  proposals working to combine

Pedagogy, curriculum, logistics

Moving forward: day of inquiry, space for new classes

Student debt group could be good to work with

Duarte Sq action on 12.17, 50 people arrested, 2 block long range of people, some got netted

Ben: RBA maintenance union going to strike on 12.31, labor and education link



People like the idea of having a main title and subtitle (example: Occupy University, free education for the 99 percent)

Occupy: general feeling that this is a good choice

Path of least resistance.

People like recognition of the occupy phenomemon

Occupy con

Jason comments that it does not feel international, might feel colonial to others

Melanie comments that occupy is a brand, that we need to be very conscious of the direct associations with that.  Popular word now, but could have different associations years from now (trend)

2.  Nomadic pro

Melanie comments that the name is poetic, referring to a curriculum that is not fixed.

Nomadic con: Others feel nomadic is too vague

3. Zane: School of the 99 percent (U99)

— Decided: put forward Occupy and 99 Percent names and discuss by email



David: during the week of inquiry, run a discussion experiment, to generate ideas for classes. We facilitate, and agree to have regular teacher facilitations

Jason: how will we publicize this?  Through GA’s?

Melanie: we should think about getting together a contact list for communication, to get in touch with community based orgs that can help spread the word

Miguel will be teaching in Jan a class where public is invited to join

Other ways to set up ideas for classes: approach working groups, like student debt teaches on idea of that, alternative banking etc

We should start contacting other working groups


Question (Ben): question of accreditation: what do we do about degrees? Also possibility of badges (alternative form of accreditation).


Task forces, creation of 5

1.     Zane would like to work on location task force, has an architect friend that can help, runs list of public spaces

2.     David would like to work on interest groups for discussion experiments: GA’s, google groups, etc

3.     Ingrid: would like to work on the task force for wish list for classes

4.     Joe: would like to work on text about university

5.     I missed the last one, sorry!

Question about standard course templates: should we make a standardized template now? Some concern might forestall variety

Next official meeting on Saturday January 7th

Zane proposes meeting in between Christmas and new years for drinks! Thursday Dec 29th.  Zane will coordinate.

Happy new year!


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