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I thought I would share this newspaper article I wrote.  Feel free to send it out to other media etc.


I was at Zuccotti Park all day Monday the day before the raid. In the early morning hours of Tuesday November 17th, I had a bad dream. A friend of mine died by drowning in the dream. I woke up in the process of diving in to try to save her. My sleep was uneasy for the rest of the night.

The first thing this morning I got the worst news I could receive. The New York City Police Department has cleared Zuccotti Park. There are tears on my cheeks as I write this. I just don’t know what to say. I met a kid who had left college, quit his job, destroyed his social security card and moved to Zuccotti Park. Another young man who had been robbed several weeks ago in Zuccotti Park of personal items, possibly his wallet and ID papers. He was still there helping out. An airline pilot from Europe whose flight rotation had finally taken him to NYC and he was motivated to spend a day at Zuccotti Park. A man from Portugal whose family could not really afford the flight money, but he had to be here.

This opening of human energy is a special event in world history. Pressure builds from cultural tectonic plates pushing against each other until a volcano explodes. After the eruption, people are drawn to the new energy. If this new energy is a valid expression of cultural necessity it will spread like earthquakes around the globe. Do we think the Arab Spring will end with the emptying of a couple of parks in America? These are not singular events. There is an accelerating movement for global change. The Zuccotti Park Experiment is a demonstration of the power of a unified, undefined group of cultural engineers given total freedom to work it out. The experiment has just begun.

This is heart energy in motion. Where is your heart? Do you have the will to support change in this country? Occupy Something!!!!!

A quotation from a Native American Elder comes to mind. He said “The White Civilization will destroy us and then it will destroy itself”. We must embrace change. We must work to make the change gentle. It is going to change.

Start with Peace, Unity and a Good Message in your own family. Reach out to a family member that you would like to have Peace with. .Create Unity with your brothers and sisters. It is already there, we are humans, we are programmed with an affinity for family groups. Carry a Good Message, refrain from gossip. Let go of your judgments of other people. These actions will spread out from your being like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond. Try it. It feels good.

Bill Record

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