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Information about Volunteering Part-Time

OWS Movement continues to grow and needs your help!  For more info on all groups go to

 Info Table


Where:  Zuccotti Park

Who: Need friendly, assertive, patience, pick up new information quickly, can present themselves well with public, media.

What: Answer questions about everything and anything, schedules, help move people along to appropriate other groups and places.

 Kitchen – On/Off-site



What you will be doing:






Think Tank

When: Every Day, 12pm-6pm

Where: Zuccotti Park

What: Facilitate discussions on all topics related to OWS.  Some facilitation training and 2 hour commitment per shift.

Contact: or 917-328-1363 (Tim)



Where:  Zuccotti Park





 When: Hours are about 10am – late at night

Who: They aren’t desperate for volunteers but there is always something to do. How much there is to do depends on when donations come in.

What: Enter ISBNs, organize, clean area, stamp and sticker books.



  1. Mary Jo Koch

    Think outside the box people. Go to the real library for books and info. Hire a librarian to create an superb online info site. Give people cards for McD, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza stores. Give people Metro cards. Scout out all the other places to meet in the city. Use a google group or a blog or a real time twitter discussion as a think tank. Learn to write clearly and concisely.

    Everything changes now.

  2. Mary Jo Koch

    Blogger is your friend. In about 5 minutes I can set up a new blogger blog that can have up to 100 co-bloggers and any number of commenters. It’s so easy to post photos, videos, etc. See NYC OWS Information
    Each of these areas could have their own blog.

    It is absurd that we aren’t relying on facebook, facebook groups, twitter, goggle plus, google groups, blogger and insisting on developing our own amateurish substitutes. There are lots of great free things offered by evil empires. We are fools not to use them.

    People don’t seem to have qualms about apple. I have been using blogger for about 9 years and it keeps getting better. I am not open to debating about google or blogger. I want you to use it.

    • Justin Stone-Diaz



      This group has a blog we can use:

      It is WordPress based like NYCGA.NET & is a breeze to use!

      Information’s Blog is:

      This conversation has been going on for sometime in Internet & Open Source Working Groups.

      Individual groups are using FB & Twitter as desired.

      I’d love to chat with folks about things in person or online!

      I’m at Liberty Plaza daily 1-8 PM!


  3. truthisgone

    I’ve used at work to create and operate a dynamic website that allowed my work team to post documents, comment on them and update them. We were able to create a survey about each revision which enabled us to refine the “the work in progress” document until we came to a CONSENSUS on the final product. Very powerful tool.

    Totally forgot about it until Mary Jo mentioned it. Late night last night…very cool experience! We need to focus our energies like we did yesterday and bring them to the next level. Now is the time to make the movement its own political entity. I am not advocating a new political party, unless there were a CONSENSUS to create one. We need to step it up in some way NOW, because we now have great momentum. Let’s make it happen!

  4. Mary Jo Koch

    I stayed home today and did laundry, shopping, cat playing and tweeted and blogged. I was at the park a great deal after the eviction. The cops and security people like me and enjoy talking to me. I take a personal interest in them and their opinions and am closer in age and experience to them than to you. At one point early in the evening I was the only civilian in the park.

    I think it is good that the occupiers, police, and security have to occupy the same space. The more you know a person face to face, the less likely you are to stereotype them, jeer at them, hurt them. Quite a few of the police throughout have shared my big sisterly, motherly, grandmotherly, auntly concerns that no one is taking responsibility for the emotional welfare of all these young people who have been hurt badly in their lives. Putting them in harm’s way to be arrested seems uncaring and irresponsible.

    I have been there 100 percent as a mommy/shrink for the kids, but I am a dissenter about many of Occupy Wall Street’s methods. I find the People’s Mic only slightly more enjoyable than waterboarding. I would never let anyone do that to my words, but then I talk too fast and my sentences are too long. People could have learned to project their voices, and then they would not have sounded so much like a mindless mob.

  5. truthisgone

    Mary Jo,
    I agree with you on several of your last comments. I got to Foley at about 4:45. Myself and everyone around me were truly impressed with energy from the crowd and the opening speech. We were still engaged by the first couple of open mike speakers. After that, we were lost. We all made the same comment, what are they saying? What did they just say? Too much going on at the same time. Great showing and gave myself and others a great feeling of solidarity, but would have been nice if there were more focus.

  6. truthisgone

    Justin, Amy and Alex,
    Can we have a working group meeting on Black Friday, Nov. 25 to discuss ideas at around 2 or 3 pm at Zucotti? Four day weekend and many may be available for a productive forum.

  7. JZ

    Why are people still using the term “Zucotti?” Liberty Plaza/Sq was agreed upon so long ago.