Needs of Occupiers who are being housed in the Park Slope and 86th st churches.

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Dec.7 10-11pm

Agenda Items

1. What are the needs of the occupiers?

2.What will be the appropriate amount of funding to suggest in our proposal?

3.How will we go about working together,as a collective working group, to ensure a better quality of life for these people in need?


Park Slope Discussion:

Lance(Park Slope Church Member)

Lance-The group is small,and it is relatively calm here. People do,however, need blankets washed. We have fifteen comforters,atm, in need of washing,

Mae-Is there anything specifically anyone needs?

Lance-I guess if they need, they will ask,

Christine-Ok,so the main concern, right now,are blankets being washed?

Lance-Yes. The only thing is  that you would have to contact the church Secretary, because we have a school here and we do not want to rub them the wrong way. Its very important that the occupation does not spill over into their time. The best time to do this is 9am-2pm, but we would need to arrange a time with the secretary,

Christine- Ok I’ll take the numbers that are needed.

Mae- Ok.

Christine- Also I’ve been calling around to find out the prices of the laundromats in the area,so we know the cost. I think its safe to say that the rate will be about 10 dollars per comforter.

Mae-Ok so that’s 150 bucks for laundry here, then. Anything else we should discuss in regard to needs?

Lance- I think that’s about all that is really needed.

*Christine then proceeds to exchange info*


St Paul’s Discussion:

Jose(on-site ows medic @st pauls)/Jay(volunteer &occupier)/Woman in kitchen(forgot how to pronounce her name)

Jose-People need laundry done. Both clothing as well as blankets,

Jay/Jose-In terms of clothing we need socks,underwear,t-shirts and thermals.

Jay-There are about 60 occupiers here on a regular basis, but we are anticipating more(about 100 people in total), and it would be nice to have supplies ready for all who come.

Kitchen Volunteer- People need hygienic products. Right now people desperately need razors,soap,shampoo,toothbrushes,toothpaste, deodorant, and foot powder.

Mae- I sent individualized care packages for people in the churches filled with all of those supplies. I had been in SiS compiling the supplies. Did you guys not get any?

Kitchen Volunteer-No…we didn’t. We also need them to be in some type of pouch or bag so people can hold on to their things, and maybe plastic soap dishes or even ziploc bags to hold their soap in.

Mae-Really?? I specifically packed about 40 durable little red pouches with all of those supplies and gave them to Henry. I packed them in the red pouches for the same reason you mentioned…so people can hold on to their stuff.

Christine-Actually I know Henry gave them out, but they were to people in Zuccotti.

Mae-Oh, I see, Ok we will have to work on communicating and seeing exactly where things are going. Henry has been out there everyday helping those who are still in the Zuccotti area,but I assumed that because he was staying at the church, the supplies were meant for occupants here. I will continue to supply Henry, but I think it best if you and I(meaning Christine) hold on to what will be sent here.

Christine- We need to do this. Also there is a health concern here with scabies. We need to get these blankets washed. People need heir clothes washed too. I think we should add money into the budget for each occupier to have about 10 bucks for laundry, so they can wash their clothing.

Jay- Can we trust them to actually use that money for laundry,though?

Jose- Hey, its their laundry…if they choose to spend it otherwise…

Mae- Then that’s on THEM!! But if that’s the case, too bad. I know we are dealing with all types of people with unfortunate situations, but we should allow them freedom to be accountable enough to know how to use the money wisely. If there are some who do not use the money on what it was given to them for, then they don’t get anymore. Simple as that. You wanna be smelly and funky? Be smelly and funky, but don’t expect laundry money again. If that issue arises, then I think it best that we have volunteers take their clothing and wash it en masse. People shouldn’t have to be treated like children, but if we can’t trust them to handle a task as simple as doing their laundry,for their own benefit, then we’ll just have to treat them accordingly. Bottom line is laundry must be done and I would like to have enough faith to know that every person here can handle that very simple task….

(Everyone nods in agreement)

Mae-So we will work on figuring this all out.

Christine-I think it wise if those of us in comfort who will be doing this have metrocards, as well. We will obviously be doing a lot of traveling between wall street, brooklyn, and the upper west side. This will be a weekly issue, so i think we should get monthly cards,

Mae- I agree. I think you, me, and Patrick will be doing most of the work here. We are obviously the point people. You and I will be at the churches, and Patrick will be helping with the laundry. We’ll be doing a lot of traveling.


Mae- I think its fair. A monthly is 104 bucks….so for 3 people that’s 312 bucks…we’re also adding 150 for park slope. 10 bucks for 60 people is 600 bucks. Also I would like to ask for about 150 bucks for hygiene. I mentioned at our other meeting we have a surplus of toiletries. Funny enough the toothbrushes and toothpaste has gone low overnight. If you give me 150, I can go to a dollar store and stretch the fuck outta every single dollar. That all adds up to $1212, and i say we round it out to $1300, in case extra or petty cash is needed for whatever reason.

Christine- So $1300 all together? I think that sounds reasonable. Especially since this is a health and quality of life issue.

Mae- Oh, actually I think we should add in another 300 for the blankets here. They arent the comforters that park slope occupiers have so they won’t be as expensive to wash. We could put about 5 of these blankets in the same washer that would wash one comforter. So 1600?? I mean this is the money to ensure everyone is warm,and dry, and there is a health issue to be taken care of! If there is a surplus of money, then that can go to petty cash or toward restocking SiS with more hygiene products. I would like to post on the donations portion of the site everything that is needed in terms of clothing. I think in SIS we have a LOT of resources and whatever we don’t have we can put it out to the public that we need donations. I already know underwear is an issue. So we’ll discuss this with the entire group at our next meeting. But this is an emergency…we can email everyone and i will put this on the GA group site for all of our members to see.

Christine- Anything else we need to bring up?

Mae- I believe that’s it.


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  1. Public Takeover

    Upper West sider willing to coordinate local laundry help. Also new long johns, gloves and caps available.

    Contact: with cell or email for further discussion.

    • mae

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate the offer for help with the laundry, as well as the clothing donations. I’ll be sure contact you via email, as well as make sure to inform the other comfort volunteers of your generosity.