Music Working Group Minutes for 11/19/11

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Hugo (briefly for announcement)

Agenda topics

– Music for occupy compilation project
– Teach in
– mission statement
– music space possibilities
– updates on people staged
– finance forms
– Direct action in park

1) Introductions

2) Hugo announcement for Occupy the Ferries
– will contact us with more details about getting involved

3) Renae updates

– Wed. & Fri. Spokes Council.
* Wednesday good, Friday not so good, contentious at times.

– Spaces for music working group

* Looking for spaces to operate, put benefits on, etc.  Need to do
background checks on places we select, make sure there’s no conflicts
of interest.

– Benefits and compilations need to move forward, as per finance WG,
need to settle criteria for supporting these project.

4) Daniel updates

– People’s staged
On facebook
Report from performance guild mtg.

– Occupy Broadway, dec.2nd, peoples staged has slot 3am-5am
* contact performance guild for info
D) mobile stage

5) Rick update
– Monday spokes council report, good till the end where it got
contentious.  We need to determine mission statement as part of larger
presentation to spokes council in order to get ratified.  Redundancy
and exclusionary practices seem like major sticking points for

6) Mission statement

– Renae reads Ernie’s draft

* will be posted online for group to comment on before next mtg.
(Tuesday, 6pm)

– Stack open on mission statement

*Frank talks about alternative currency initiative with Alternative
Economics, mentions possible relationship with OWS projects.

*Rick suggests focusing on providing a correlation between movements
principles and supporting through music

* Jason doesn’t see an issue with multiple groups endorsing projects,
doesn’t have to be all on Music Working Group

* Goldi and Nikki mention importance of allowing contributions @
different levels of involvement, from major acts and occupiers, to
bedroom musicians that support the movement.

* Several concerns voiced about if we really can/should endorse.

Tuesday 6pm, dedicated meeting to do mission statement.

7) Jason speaks about his compilation project, seeks endorsement, or
if not, at least
support.  If interested in participation, email

Stack open: on compilation project
– Renae speaks to her concerns on giving endorsement, rushing through
the vetting process

– Rick states selection, financial concerns regarding this compilation
project, especially when it comes to PRO’s and publishing rights.

* Jason explains selection is done by a core group of 4, taking into
account diversity of styles, and blending indie and established
artists.  Financing is net profits go 100% to OWS, after recoupables.
Licensing/publishing rights side of things unclear.

– Nikki asks about process to determine who selects the artists,
transparency and allowing for participation in recording process.

* Jason encourages folks to submit to be involved, albeit recording
sessions are closed events, only those involved in recording/
production can attend.  Given the autonomous nature of this project,
selection committee is self-determined.

– Randall suggests Jason post proposal for project.

-Goldi suggests music group get out of endorsing non open-source
projects (address this idea in the mission statement?).

– Daniel voices concerns about finance and why the project is
autonomous vs open to group development.

– John voices concerns with using Sony/Warner, and other major labels
for distribution

– Guy with sunglasses (late arrival, didn’t catch name, my apologies)
agrees with Goldi’s point of not focusing efforts on 1% artists,
giving priority to open-source, indie projects.

– Nick asks about physical distribution

– Matt doesn’t agree with excluding 1% artists, sees value in their

– Frank asks about cooperation with vision and goals group

– Jason asks for help composing a document to explain proceeds from
his compilation project.
*contact to get involved.

End of meeting. 

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