Music Working Group 12.8.11 – Meeting Minutes

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Report Backs: 

·      Jalopy Theater Benefit

o   Successful, raising $895, sold out show

·      Occupy Broadway

o   Attendance low, not well enough promoted, not coordinated with media or
direct action


·      Washington Square Park crackdown on buskers.  Should we call some
sort of sit in or action?


Brain – stack taker

Ben – time keepter

Eli – minutes

Alphonzo – facilitator

*MWG status recap + A&C Solidarity Document Agenda point*


-recapping Music Working Group from Music Guild on November 13h at GA

-Wants good dialogue with Arts & Culture group on how we can all work
together well

-Introduces A&C Solidarity Statement for the Arts & Culture Network

Michael – its critical to connect with Arts & Culture or music events,
supports solidarity statement

Eli – supports document

Goldi – what is OWS Network and Arts & Culture Network

Ben – Is Arts & Culture then a hub and we are spokes?

Alphonzo – this is not creating alternate spokes council

Michael – groups that want to work together need to be able to get together

Brian – is this a caucus?  A way to aggregate working groups?

Alphonzo – cluster might be more accurate term

Temp Check – group consents to support document with four specific changes

·      Remove the term “OWS Network” as this doesn’t seem to actually exist

·      Change “Arts & Culture Network” to “Arts & Culture Network of
Groups” to honor the status of different groups, including working groups

·      Add “this is a living document” to the opening paragraph

·      Add “Whenever possible” to item #4, which asks for members of
solidarity groups to take responsibility for organizing/facilitating A&C

*MWG “Principles of Engagement” Agenda Point*

Everyone – reviews draft of Principles of Engagement document as originally
posted on the MWG Google Group

Ben – Change the name?  “Engagement” sounds like a term of warfare.

Alphonzo – Document is a good start, we want to facilitate music projects.
The most important thing is to that the statement be positive, “negative”
engagement should be revised.  Blocking projects is not a good use of our
energy.  Don’t have to shut people down, they just won’t be supported.  If
they slander OWS, action will be taken as befits the situation.

Jason – unless music is open-source, it won’t receive support?

Alphonzo – according to this draft, that would be correct.

Randal – Rick had a good framework for setting this up, but how can we have
rules if we have no protective mechanism setup to enforce them?

Jason – I oppose the open-source language in this document, there greatly
restricts the number of projects this group can support if they all have to
be open-source.

Goldi – OWS is creating its own world, and we can do anything we want with
it.  We don’t have to use the system the outside world operates on.

-Doesn’t like the word support

-Doesn’t like the “neutral engagement,” suggests folding #1 and #2 together
to simplify – there is either consensus or not consensus

Alphonzo – POI: to clarify open-source, it relates to projects that be
shared, replayed, modified or distributed freely, particularly within OWS.

Bill – We need principles that help us produce projects – in other parts of
the movement, not a lot gets done because of process.  Its simple: we
either like it or we don’t like it.

Jason – is the word endorsement gone? (yes)  Back on open-source, it’s a
socialist point of view, and Occupy Wall St isn’t a socialist movement.
This is blocking way too many good ideas.

Goldi – POI – Beethoven is open-source, 70 years + life of the author are
the copyright laws, its not socialism.

Jason – we’re going to say that professional musicians can’t join us [i.e.
musicians that want to own the copyright for the music they make]? That’s
crazy talk.

Ben – So many people blame good ideas as being socialist.  There is so much
broken about the machine works in the outside world.  We shouldn’t model
OWS after the machine.

Mike – it is important for the artists to own what they create.  I like the
three categories as opposed to two.  Neutral project – standing aside,
saying, “do what you want to do.”

Jason – we should get this statement done.

Randal – we need to be more efficient.  Talking in circles isn’t getting us

Alphonzo – lets take a temp check on removing the terms
“open-source/creative commons” and the word “support” – both of which
people have brought up.

Randal – the word support needs to be clearly defined.

Goldi – support needs to be removed – we either facilitate a project or we

Alphonzo – temp check on removing “open-source/creative commons” – no

-temp check #2 – remove the word “support – no consensus

Randal – but what would we replace it with?

Mike – we’re losing the meaning without support

Alphonzo – temp check #3 – condensing three points into two: projects we
engage in and projects we don’t engage in, leaving out the neutral – no

Alphonzo – lets put these three temp checks in the notes, and have everyone
come up with concrete suggestions to be presented on Saturday

Ben – the word “engagement” should be removed. Sounds like war.

Jason – I have an issue with the two categories, if we’re left with either
positive or negative, no neutral – we’re either going to support projects
or we’re going to shut them down.

*Occupy Woodstock/Catskill Music Festival Agenda Topic*

Everyone – reviews document from Paul McLean, submitted earlier in the day
to Arts & Culture

Randal – like sthe idea

Bill – this festival is bound to happen, is 100% percent behind it

Alphonzo – Paul McLean, co-organizer of the Occupennial and member of Arts
& Culture, is helping put this together.

Nikki – lets get on board and plan

Alphonzo – I like the idea, these things are massive however and we should
explore this soon so we have sufficient time to plan.

Randal – lets form a sub-committee to further explore this.

Goldi – These first two bullet points are exactly what we’ve been grappling
with.  We need to get our own shit together so we can help the whole

Jason – I love it.  The issue that I see is that many, including myself,
are planning the same thing.

Ben – we need to coordinate.

Alphonzo – temp check on forming Occupy Woodstock festival sub committee to
further explore – 100% consensus.


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