Music guild/working group meeting minutes 11/12/11

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Antonio (from NYCGA, joined briefly to discuss online presence)

– Nikki & Susannah add music/dance party proposal to agenda

– Alphonzo brief update on formation of OWS music working group
* Currently still a part of A&C, but working to have own presence at
GA, coordinate with Ernie Vega to bring proposal for music working
group to Spokes Council meeting.

– Website: establish online presence.

1) google group info

2) contact NYCGA about web portal

3) Rick talks about & google apps suite for OWS music
working group landing page.

– could be good platform to post, develop, and vote
on proposals, help bring continuity to proposal discussions.
*Rick suggests folks get familiar with the site and the verification
protocols within, to see if we want to use that platform for music
working group.

– Integrate google apps suite into music working group online presence
for calendars and document collaboration.

* James Avatar is resource for folks who need some help understanding
google apps suite functionalities (i.e. google docs, calendar, groups,

4) Antonio joins into meeting to talk about NYCGA, how to develop
online portal, benefits to working with CMS
(Content Management System).

*Benefits to approach ; High mainstream traffic, makes it
legit, posts will be seen by larger GA group, transparent and non-

– Antonio mentions Arts Syndication Program he’s working on, to make
material available for use by the movement.  Mirrors underground press
of the 70’s

– Alphonzo temp check for setting up web portal through –
* Alphonzo will coordinate with NYCGA to get Music working group
presence and request web access.

5) Susannah states proposal for dance party tentatively for December
3rd (Date still TBD, working on resolving permits).

– Alphonzo asks about theme, if there is one, Susannah mentions joy,
solidarity, community
-Renae suggests “Move your movement”, others propose alternatives
based around it.
– Avatar suggests “occupied playlist”
– Alphonzo provides info on the A&C proposal form.

* Email for additional info, get involved.

6) Renae speaks about spokes council, make sure we want to develop own
working group, and explaining the need for a music specific working
– Will it be an operational group or a movement group?
– General feeling seems to be it will be an operational group, work
with spokes council to determine.

7) NYGA Spokes Council meeting 7pm on PEARL ST.; volunteers needed for
spokes (can’t have the same spoke twice).

-preliminary spokes rotation established:
Rick: Monday
Renae: Wednesday
Nikki: Friday

* develop backup/alternate list for each day

7) Recruiting for music group starting at 11/13/11
– Renae suggests a mix of online and canvassing at the Park
* basics: flyers needed, Music kiosk at Zuccotti

8) Mission statement:

Vision/mission (asserting values)
-integrate all kinds of musicians, established & emerging artists
* Think of ways to involve artists that can’t have a physical presence
at Zuccotti or meetings.
-functional as Oversight and/or Community building?
* group sees importance in both, need to determine level of oversight
(screening content, events, etc…)
-modify A& C submission form for music working group?
-Develop eligibility process
* Rick mentions independent comp album project’s selection process as
possible model to build on/modify.

9) Set music working group meeting times temp check:

Thursday 6PM & Sat 5PM – consenced

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