MOVEMENT BUILDING: Meeting notes 11-10-2011 Thursday 6pm 60 Wall St.

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Movement Building WG Minutes
November 10, 2011

Check-In: Name & Something Good That Happened Today

-Next Meetings / Structure Review

-Two full MB meetings, Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm at 60 Wall.

Subgroups: InterOc (creates channel of communication); Movement Coordination (Monday and Friday at noon; uses channels of communication); Tech; Response and Resources (helping other occupations in emergencies, foundation, and long-term).  Tech is undetermined yet – if interested, talk to us.

-Information on Infiltration
1) Egypt Delegation for Tonight

-Tweaking of selection criteria for delegates.  Now all committees and caucuses can nominate two folks; questionnaire, based upon questionnaire, goes to Egyptians to select.

-Need to let people know they need passports.

-If delegation proposal passes GA, we need MB meeting to communicate, “
train, etc.

-Go to Movement Coordination tomorrow to start implementing, take

nominations from MB WG.

-Actually, tomorrow’s Egypt Coordination meeting is 11am tomorrow.  A number will go.

-MB is responsible for developing process and timeline for moving forward.  When do we need submissions by?

-Review process in MB WG to filter what to send to the Egyptians?

-Takes 6 business days to get money out of account.  Can’t buy tickets
until next Friday.  Tuesday for day for MB to review applications and
sift?  Tuesday for deadline to accept applications?


-Can people on the Egypt taskforce go?  Conflict of interest?

-Egyptians making the decisions.  Task Force does work –
infosessions, etc. – actual decision goes to whole MB WG.

-People who want to go should recuse themselves from
the consensus process on who’s going.

-Barring any change in information about amount of time it takes to get money after GA vote, deadline is 5pm Tuesday.



2) Reportbacks from Groups


-Initiated Egypt Task Force.  Introduced a DA action request for Washington / David volunteered.  Washington request to get busses to do a big action on Congress over the Super-Committee.

-Started working on Naomi Klein: dates for speakers about movements, arrange that.

-Tech ideas on how  to broadcast talks.  Use InterOc,

-Discussed network travellers / physical people moving from oc to oc.  Talked about how to make

-Coordinating mass actions.  Tomorrow, noon meeting, calls for 12.6 day of action.

-Relation to DA?  Regional conferences?

-DA is setting up a subgroup to work with national, international.  They should come 12noon tomorrow.


-CiviCRM moving forward.  The CiviCRM form is up, online, still figuring it

-Website: visionaries, check yo’ email about it.  Show people’s visionary
stories about people at OWS, through hotline connect to personal coach to
talk about how to get involved.
-Hosted on InterOc or NYCGA?



-Will also create an emergency response on InterOc for GA’s to ask for help  from all other GA’s, not just NYC.

-Just don’t let this turn into wishlist that no one takes responsibility


-Resources and Response should does this in NYC.

-Loose consensus: Put it on InterOc, make sure that information gets to MB resources and response.


-No meeting yet.  KOBI will continue to bottomline, convene meeting.



-No meeting yet, nothing changed from Tuesday.

-Dude is going to Boston tonight, would like contacts.

-Nobody from finance has seen Egypt proposal.  This is bad.  $42,000 without any notice.  Edminton.  Oakland.  We are starting to spend faster than we’re getting money.  What about winter?  Do not circumvent process.

-Process: people have to come to finance before the GA.  Just need time to do the math and logistics.

-Hasn’t been clear to facilitation that if there is an expenditure they have to go to finance before GA.  This needs to be solidified: HARD-RULE?: GO TO FINANCE FIRST, AND MAKE SURE FACILITATION KNOWS.   NEED HAVE MEETING WITH FINANCE / FACILITATION.

-Finance dude:  Proposal is good, but you have to understand from our perspective.  Finance is so boring and sucks, but it’s so important.  We get it: we’re hard to get in touch with.  I will give you contact.  Also, set up Kickstarters without using so much of the NYCGA’s general fund.  We have fiduciary responsibility to fiscal sponsor… Money could be in 1-2 work days (be in Monday)

– New time line for travel to Egypt:

Movement Coordination Task Force (noon Friday Nov 11): anyone who wants to come to Egypt needs to come to this meeting, we will also decide our nominees to go to Egypt

All working groups need to have nominees in by Sunday by 9pm (each can nominate 3 people)

Info meeting Sunday 10am

Movement Coordination meeting Monday (noon) to look over proposals

3)  Office Space

– group of people got access to office space 2 blocks away (50 broadway)

– large space

– individual offices

– conference room

– anonymous donor

-limitations about space, # people, when, how

– open 24 hrs a day

– only 6 people at a time from each working group

– can reserve conference room for larger group

– we need to create a list of people who have office and needs

– could be there for Monday conference calls yet would need to structure call differently so that there aren’t more than 6 people in the office (or reserve the conference space)

– need 1-2 point person (Tammy has offered to be point person)

– not opening it up to everyone

– 11 working groups who got highest need got on list (including Movement Building)

– before deciding how it is going to work, they asked everyone to fill out questionnaire – will run through to

– What do you see ideal working space looking like?

– starting to get it available next week

– this is for office work, our meetings would still be at 60 wall street

– have to come up with names of people (can be more than 6 people but only 6 people at a time) who have access to the space

– Tammy will share the documents related to this space

4)  Spokes

– Spokescouncil – have responsibility for making everyday decisions related to occupation

– since our focus is on movement not occupation, should we be a spoke?


– yet emergency response to other occupations comes through movement building

– interocc is going to become more and more essential

– our ability to function as an occupation is related to all of the other occupations ability to function

– are all funding decisions going to be going through spokescouncil?

– a clarification needs to happen re:

– write down justification of why we should be on the spokescouncil for the person

– Trinity Church Friday night 7:30pm

– David, Michael, Tammy, Maralena will go to the Spokescouncil


our occupation is only successful in so far  as other occupations are successful

significant that we are providing support to tother occupations via rsoures and response that operational group (they are part of operations of occupations) need for support and outreach provided by movement building, connecting to operation groups is essential to providing support

our role is interocupational may evolve

movement building is helping logistics of all occupations including liberty plaza – direct link to all occupations – and is strengthening occupations

tech has asked us to come up with contact list and compile for CiviCRM of all contacts

website link to coaching group  – this helps people hook up with groups they will start working with

this is only group working on inter-group communications – the movement is all about networking in the country – this group is central to that

resources and response – will get to a point other groups will also help us – need to recognize that other groups will be helping us

we have been a fielding house for people who have been involved in movements around the world and make that relevant to other working groups – we are helping to connect us to other movements, which is critical to our operations

important to stick to the most important points

– every Thursday night – interocc group conference call – doodle up on website – connect DA, media, tech, facilitation, emerging occuations

4) Infiltration

– very often the larger scale strategic planning is target of more sophisticated infiltration efforts

– as group is small  – create conscious relationship around openness, honesty,

– might get an email think is someone from group  – incite you against that person

2 kinds of infiltration

1. to suck information is completely open – it is very easy to record everything that is here

2. People who come in and start moving the group in different direction or derailing the process

need to start meeting more informally

Sunday night 10pm Franklin Park



5)  Communique / GA Presentation

6)  Budget for Subgroups?  Think about it, by next Thursday have a rough idea of what your MB subgroup needs.

7)  What Are We Actually Empowered To Do As MB?  Are We The Official CoC?

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