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Visioning for the future of ows music working group

Question: what goals, plans, priorities, projects, actions, and attitudes
do you want to see the working group facilitate in the next year?

A list of responses:

–take on hip-hop, go after pop audiences and celebrities
–winter project, parody album of hits of 2012
–occupy CMJ (Musicians solidarity council is working on this)
–guerrilla performance, amplification without permit
—kick starter funding
—regular meetings
—autonomous street actions
—support other causes and events by consensus
—continued education, history and “how to”
—music education in public schools
outreach, local music groups
–direct action and community building events
—99 corners continued
—tie to occupy themes
—working group separate from “occupy” name
–increase core group size
–‘franchise’ guitarmy
–make new ensembles (beat box, free style, etc…)
—content production
—assessing community needs
—guitarmy separate from “working group” name
—ensemble ideas: air force (wood winds and brass)
tamb-marine corps (drums)
navy? – (vocals)
—inter-boro march, social justice waking tour
—occupy barclays/battle for Brooklyn continued
–increase entertainment value
—archive creations, and create starter kits for all new actions
–service of the movement on larger level, local organizations
–occupy musicians list usage
—better communication and messaging

If anyone on list has more, please post them!

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