Mission Statement and Short term Actionable Goals

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Top line goals:

1. Create an educated, transparent flexible organization capable of
shifting the national discourse toward real social change especially
through education, and provides an example of the power and accountability
of a fully transparent organization. Our long term goal will be to educate
ourselves and others, and transform our various systems of governance into
entirely transparent organizations, which we believe will solve systemic

2. Create a not for profit think tank that develops real solutions to
societal problems, and uses the protest, media, and social media to
support our platform

3. Establish, legally, control over the space as a trust for the
public, operated by the Friends of Liberty Park, a sub organization
developed by OWS. This space will serve as an agora, a public meeting house
of ideas, and ongoing discourse that serves the community, with a specific
focus on financial trainings

4. Create an identity program for occupiers, meant to also bring in
functioning homeless folks who want to help, and willing to put in the work.
We will require a picture, plus Whatever name you choose (public)
government name(private) Define full membership as housing and food
provided, on sites as well as occasional recreation (minimum of once per
week) at least 20 hours per week of logged hours and 5 hours of
education(10 is preferred). A minimum of one working group, and a maximum
of three, to be declared by the individuals no later than Thursday, and
assignments to be made on Saturday. Every one must take American Revolution
through Articles of Confederation through Constitution class, as well as
Accounting and Finance 101, and alternative energy and systems is the third
required afterwards everyone

Create a profile system that keeps everyones, skills, equipment issued,
educational level

5. Create a winter program Acquire live space(rent/ own?/Occupy) for
people to sleep, shower, and get away from the park(s). Also a live/work
space with event space inside. Work with established groups, like Picture
the Homeless and take back the land, to begin reclaiming unused space and
converting it into homeless shelter and rehabilitation programs, that
provide work by growing food.

6. Create internal by laws, and further develop organizationally,
with the help of outside consultants, initially mimicking the US system of
governance, with the exception that specific recall criterion are put out
for all positions (60% vote of no confidence on consecutive weeks).
President and SpokesCouncil are answerable to the Public Assembly in a
specific meeting each week. Other Public Assemblies are for workshopping
and polling public policy analysis breakout groups, education, President
has control of discretionary funds budget, and Executive Action (license to
occasionally break the rules) every Executive Action must be reviewed at
the next Public Assembly. The President has the option of delaying the
Public Assemblies response to an Executive Action for a week, but not the
discussion, and he must announce his intention to do so before the next
Public Assembly.

7. Bring in experienced people to help us structure our
departments/working groups

8. Establish a grievance process, by which a mediation session is
required with enough complaints, and the discourse and contents of that
session are made public. This process is administered by a group of 9
individuals, trained in the bylaws, as well as mediation. This group
rotates every 3 months, and has an additional 9-18 individuals to swap out
of the body.

Rename the park Liberty Plaza-

Create a platform for ideas that must be enacted

Create a stances group, nominated and voted on by general Assembly, that
decides on the official stances of the whole group. It is continually
rotating, and meant to be demographically representative. All members speak
with one voice.

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