Mission Statement (1.13.2012 draft)

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Class War Camp is a group of radicals committed to the notion that OWS, if it is not to be co-opted as we so fear, must itself be a “radical” movement. We understand “radical” to mean acknowledging the fundamental corruption of our current socio-economic system (in terms of oppression, inequality, unsustainability, etc.), and the need to replace it with something better: the need for revolution, the need to recognize that, at its best, OWS is not a movement calling for a (conservative) return to a dreamlike “the way America used to be” but a movement calling for a real progression to a radically new America (and world) which can honestly claim to embody the principles of liberty, equality, and justice, which we pay lip service to so frequently.

We are an egalitarian group, which means we are committed to fighting all types of oppression: economic, racial, sexual, gender, ethnic, ageist, ableist, etc. We do not seek to force our views upon OWS, but rather to foster discussion, debate, argument, and free thought. In our view, the biggest threat of co-optation, which we in OWS so greatly fear, is not the Democratic Party, but rather the ideology of (American) liberalism, a hypocritical ideology which claims to support freedom and equality, which claims to be progressive, and yet does not see how, for example, an economic system such as capitalism goes directly against those values, necessarily generating income inequality and wage slavery.

Class War Camp is a group that has been a part of OWS from the beginning, and our members stretch from Accounting to De-escalation, from Medical to the People’s Library. We seek, through our meetings, our interactions with other occupiers, and our actions, to generate freedom of thought, to help direct OWS in a radical direction. In line with this, we seek to liaison with various Leftist groups, be they communist, socialist, anarchist, etc., not only¬†out of the belief that only together that we can win, but moreover that, only as such a united Left, the power is on our side: it is not (just) that we cannot win without the liberals, but that the liberals cannot win without us.

We believe that our movement’s actions should not just be media events, but should also move towards going directly into communities and helping them to organize themselves, to help them solve their problems in whatever way we can, that is, to help create self-sustaining and self-governing communities. Over and above organizing the so-called middle class, and directing our voices to a political class which has, as we all know, always turned to us a deaf ear, we must organize everyone, or rather, help everyone get organized, and so direct our voices towards each other: this is what democracy means, and only in this way can we truly be revolutionary.

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