Minutes working group meeting Minutes

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Minutes Working Group Meeting

6pm Thursday 12/15/2011 60 Wall Street

Present: Antonia, Carrie, Lauren, Robina


  1. Google group? group agrees, Lauren will make one
  2. Proposal
    1. Legal says move forward
    2. Accounting says move forward
    3. We plan to read the basic proposal and answer questions
  3. Etherpad-live text edit, maybe we will use this in the future
    1. Other occupies have two minute takers per night, one fixes the mistakes of the other-general consensus here is that would be confusing
  4. There will potentially be a proposal to make Dec. 24, 25, 26 discussion
    1. We like the idea of a constant GA or SC presence, but are worried about the schedule.
  5. Audio recordings
    1. We will reach out to archives for help in storing them online
  6. Schedule
    1. We will work as a team to make it through the holidays and start recruitment push in January-reaching out to students.
  7. Salon.com wrote an article about the financial situation and used a large text directly from the online minutes
    1. Question from the minutes group needing more research: When did the goal of minutes become verbatim minutes?

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