Minutes Working Group Meeting Minutes, 1/5/12

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Present: Lauren, Carrie, Robina, Hillel, Zoe, Jeff, Dave, Antonia, Molly

Minutes taken by Carrie and Hillel


Recruiting more people to working group

                – Craigslist

                – Post on bulletin boards at universities. Lauren will work up flier and contact Design group.  Hillel can distribute at NYA, Antonia at Hunter

                – Announce at GAs and Spokes Councils that Minutes needs people

                – Molly has access to bike-share lists and can send out info there.

                – Look into site where you can post audio clips for people to transcribe

Accounting question

                – There is a discrepancy from the 12/8 GA, at which Minutes was not present. There was a proposal to reimburse someone in New Jersey who housed people after the raid. The original proposed amount was $1,008. Heywood in Accounting (also the proposer) says that a friendly amendment was accepted for $500 to bring the total passed to $1,508. But the live tweets do not reflect this, and no one in Facilitation who we have contacted can remember the total consensed upon amount.  We will contact Livestreamers to see if they were there and have footage of the GA discussion. Plan B is to bring this issue to Facilitation to get their input on how to proceed, or back before the GA.


                – Carrie will take Saturday and Dave will do Sunday, to fill holes.

                – Molly will set up a Google Calendar we can use for scheduling minutes-takers in the future.

Notes from Accounting

– We read and agreed to ground rules on what we can and cannot spend money on. They are as follows (taken verbatim from document provided by Accounting):

  • OWS cannot take on liability; cannot sign leases or contracts
  • OWS cannot violently overthrow the government
  • OWS cannot take partisan positions on elections
  • OWS cannot buy items that violate the principles of solidarity
  • Working Groups are suggested to spend money on items germane to their mission statement.
  • Working Groups are requested to coordinate with Kitchen for food UNLESS that food was written into the budget of a GA proposal.
  • Working Groups are requested to coordinate for metro cards UNLESS the money for transportation was written into a GA proposal.
  • Working Groups cannot spend money on items their groups has not consented upon.

– We also read and agreed to Accounting guidelines on what constitutes a receipt, which is as follows (again, taken verbatim from document provided by Accounting)

  • An itemized list of prices of the items bought on paper that states: the business bought from, location of the business, the name of the individual the receipt comes from, time and date purchase was made, and contact information for the business.
  • If receipt is handwritten, we will ask for a signature and a telephone number to confirm the purchase.

– Accounting has asked us to identify two “point people” to liaise with them. We agreed that we would rotate these people on a monthly basis. Lauren and Hillel volunteered to serve for January

Tech Ops verification of Working Groups

                – In order for us to remain a Working Group, we need to reevaluate our mission statement and post a phone number on nycga.net before January 20th. Going forward, we will also need to hold weekly meetings with at least five people in attendance.

–  Lauren will email us a copy of the current mission statement, and we can discuss at our next meeting.

Phone number

– Dave will look into getting us a Google Voice number.

– Consensus on proposal to create a document for additional contact information (phone numbers, etc) so that people can be in touch with each other. Lauren will create and share spreadsheet.


Audio recorder

–  General agreement that having audio recordings is useful in typing up the minutes.

–  Lauren will try posting audio files to website and see if it works.

E-mail communications

– Confirmed that we are all comfortable having messages copied to all of us so that we can reply all rather than only respond to Lauren.

Working in pairs

–  Zoe proposed we work in teams of two, with one person responsible for attending the meeting, creating a summary, and making the audio recording, and the other person responsible for creating the detailed minutes. General agreement this sounds like a good idea. Lauren will add this to the minutes takers calendar so that people can sign up for either role.

Change to minutes format

– Dave proposed with revisit our commitment to verbatim minutes, and proposed that instead we provide an index to the audio file that states when a milestone in the consensus process was reached. Temperature check on proposal is very warm. Dave will write up something for us to consider at our next meeting.

Spokes Council sign-in

– Zoe raised issue of sign-in sheets for Spokes Council meetings and said it should not be up to the minutes taker or the Minutes WG to make a list of who should be excluded from a Spokes Council meeting. That is Facilitation’s job. Strong agreement from everyone.

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