Minutes Working Group meeting minutes 1/18/2012

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Minutes Working Group Meeting
January 18, 2012
5pm-6:45 pm, 60 Wall Street

Present: Robina, Lauren, Dave, Jeff, Molly, Zoe (via speakerphone)

Minutes: Hillel

1. Mission Statement
We agreed to use the first sentence from the language Zoe proposed, which read: “The goal of the Minutes WG is to provide clear documentation on the conversations, ideas shared and decisions made in the NYC General Assembly and the NYC Operational Spokes Council.” Other information about what we specifically do can go in other places on our website, such as goals. Dave will post this statement on the website tonight.

2. Emergency request from Facilitation WG
There is a dispute within Accounting about the spending freeze proposal. Can we post the minutes from last Saturday’s GA? Lauren volunteered to post a transcript of the section dealing with the spending freeze proposal tonight.

3. Safer Spaces Agreement was adopted. Dave will post this document on our website

4. Discussion of what to do regarding minutes from Friday’s Spokes Council meeting.
We all agree that the end of that meeting was confusing, that different people heard and saw different things in regards to whether or not the proposal passed consensus. We also agreed that we would not be able to decide whether or not the proposal passed. Finally, we agreed that we are not driving the process, so it is not up to us to decide what Housing’s next step should be.
As a result, we agreed that the way forward is to post the minutes with a statement in brackets that explains that the process broke down and that the minutes taker could not tell what happened. Since this sets a precedent, we need to give some thought to what that statement will be. Zoe will send out an email starting off this conversation. We need to have this conversation finished by midnight on Saturday so that we can get the minutes up.

5. Discussion of workflow and roles for minutes taking
a. We agreed to the following principles:
-We are committed to documenting the decisions as well as the process by which those decisions were reached.
-We are committed to keeping verbatim transcription as one of our goals. In order to do this, we need to get other people who can’t go to meetings involved.
-We need to have a clear sense of our responsibilities and roles

b. What is the absolute minimum we can post, particularly if nobody is available to go to a meeting and we are relying on Livestream and/or tweets to create this document?
-Friendly Amendments

c. Preferred level of detail, if someone is available to go to the meeting
-Friendly Amendments
-Points of Information

d. Additional discussion
We should try to capture the main points of Concerned Questions, Friendly Amendments, and Points of Information verbatim. Proposals can be copied directly off the website. Any change to these proposals by proposers at the meeting should be noted.
We should strive for uniform appearance of minutes. We agreed to work together to develop a template. Lauren thinks this may have already been done, and will send out whatever she can find to the Google group to start discussion. Once we have a template, we will be able to share that with other working groups, as well as use it ourselves.
We should look into getting a tripod for the audio recorder so it doesn’t get as physically abused as it has been.

e. Responsibilities.
If you take on minutes for an evening, you are responsible, at minimum, to post a summary, update the Quicklinks page, and make and transfer an audio recording. This should be done within 24 hours of the time the meeting ends.

6. Reportbacks
Lauren: We have flyers, let’s hand them out and get some more volunteers.
Jeff: Livestream is keeping the laptop they took back a while ago. Jeff needs a computer. Brainstorming on how to get his machine fixed.
Dave: Proposes using Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org) as a centralized place to store and share our audio files. Everyone in agreement that this sounds like an excellent idea. Hillel will develop a how-to document and will also get in touch with his contact there to see if there’s anything we need to know.

7. Next meeting
Regular time, 6pm, 60 Wall Street

1. Our relationship and accountability to the GA
If we change our process, should we bring it as a proposal to GA?

2. Reportbacks
-How is the new process is working for people? What do we need to change?
-Tech reportbacks – Internet Archive

3. Transcribing audio files
-Recruiting volunteers
-Establishing a process

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