Minutes Working Group Meeting 12/1/2011

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Present: Lauren, Carrie, Robina, Dara, Hillel, Zoe (via Skype)

Minutes taken by Carrie


–        Is set for Sunday through Thursday, looking for people to rotate on upcoming Fridays and Saturdays. Robina and Dara volunteer to take on some Fridays, and we have new people who have expressed in interest who might be able to do it, as well.  

Live Tweeters:

–        Group discussed how they are related to Minutes. They have chosen to be part of Press working group, but provide compilations of live tweets to help us corroborate our minutes. It’s important that they remain separate from our group, because they provide commentary and we provide objective minutes.


–        We are working with the Livestream team to record the meetings so that we can verify the accuracy of our minutes. There was discussion of whether the Minutes group should film their own Livestream or use the existing one (which is sometimes not reliable), if we would have enough people to cover this task at meetings, and the logistics of streaming at GA.

–        We would like to work with them on creating a Livestream archive of all meetings. Hillel is interested in working on this.


–        Discussed feasibility of getting audio recorder (or tracking down the one we used to have) in order to help flesh out minutes and verify accuracy, and also to send audio to minutes-taker who does not live in NYC.


–        We need from them: seat cushions, hand warmers, an extension cord, and petty cash for coffee/tea

–        Discussed maybe asking them for a Minutes-dedicated laptop


–        A reminder to the group that each minutes-taker must go back and edit their own minutes before submitting them, to spell out abbreviations and clean up grammar and sentence structure. Should also be checking their minutes against the live tweets in case they missed something, and also should be taking down the lists that Facilitation posts on the walls at Spokes Council.

–        Agreement that numbering system within minutes is crucial for later reference. Hillel says he can work on getting our archives better searchable and also encourages us to document our own working group’s origins and process.


–        Zoe has been writing summaries of key information from meetings to post in the interim before full minutes get posted. Carrie will start to help with this, but other people can, too.


–        The group agrees it is important for transparency to include names of people speaking at meetings if they provide them. But since Minutes has received a concern about privacy in this matter, we will announce at the GA and SC that people should not state their names if they don’t want them in the minutes.


–        There’s an event Saturday, 12/3 for working groups to get to know each other: Occupy to Celebrate. Lauren will be going and encourages others.

–        Carrie shares with Robina and Dara that the Minutes working group has been getting much appreciation at the Spokes Councils, which they might not hear that at GA, and that people do value our hard work.

–        Anyone in the working group can come to Spokes Council, and we encourage more involvement, especially as we have to rotate spokes every meeting.

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