Minutes working group meeting 11/9/2011

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Minutes Working Group Meeting 11/9/2011 12-2PM Charlotte’s Place


Present: Tom, Stephanie, Lauren


  • Who is our spoke for tonight’s spokes council? Stephanie
  • Spokes council minutes are we as a group taking on that responsibility?
    • Yes.
  • We need to get a sound recorder.
  • Are we doing summary style or full transcripts for the SC?
    • Full transcripts. Once we get a sound recorder we can record the SC and have someone transcribe it from the recording.
    • It is a lot harder to do the full transcripts at the SC because there’s no People’s Mic.
    • One SC is on Fridays, so we will need to find not only someone really good at typing, but several people really good who can rotate through Fridays.
  • Do we have enough people to take minutes and also be a spoke at the SC?
    • Yes
  • Proposal: Tom will make a sound recording for every SC (for the time being) and post the sound file on our group docs. He will also post sound files as tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk so that people can transcribe them. Carrie will take a full transcript at the meeting tonight.. Carrie is a professional minute taker, so if anyone can keep up she can. This will establish a baseline.
    • Friendly amendment – to start with we will not use the Turk.
    • Accepted
  • Stephanie is leaving in six days and wants to find a replacement to transition her responsibilities to so that things don’t fall apart when she leaves.
    • Lauren volunteers
    • Tom will talk to Chen and see if he knows of anyone else so that we have at least three people (ideally) dedicated to organizing the group
    • Lauren is going to work closely with Stephanie to transition the responsibilities over in the next six days, she will be added to gmail and nycga accounts.
  • Calendar: right now it is a combination of minute-taker contact list and schedule, we need to make these two separate documents. A text document with a list of minute takers, their contact info, their availability, and a rating of their skills and reliability. Then a separate schedule that is visible to all members of the group.
    • Lauren and Stephanie will work on these two documents
  • Schedule:
    • We want to have one person for each night, Monday – Thursday, and 5-6 people to rotate through for each night Friday – Sunday.
    • Tom will work on the upcoming week’s schedule (Friday-Friday) and email all the minute-takers who are scheduled.

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  1. CarrieM213

    Hey guys, I’m willing to help organize the group when Stephanie leaves if you haven’t found someone else yet!