Minutes working group meeting 11/4/2011

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Minutes working group meeting, Friday November 4 2011, 12:30-2:15 pm, Charlotte’s Place

Present: Tom and Stephanie


  1. reading and responding to emails
  2. decision to add Zoe to nycga account
  3. Tom would like to be less active in this group and Stephanie is leaving in a few weeks, need more people to step up
  4. will make an announcement at GA for more people to help
  5. reviewing the schedules of minute takers
  6. updating the calendar – done
  7. need to compile a list of minute takers and their available times (when we can count on them in bold, when they might additionally be available in parentheses)
  8. need to assess the quality of minutes from different minute takers
  9. writing a guide for minute takers – done
  10. change meeting time to Wednesdays at noon at Charlotte’s Place
  11. still need to find a minute taker for tonight and tomorrow night
  12. need to find someone to help combine tweets with last night’s minutes
  13. plan to be at spokes council trial run tonight at 7PM

One Response to “Minutes working group meeting 11/4/2011”

  1. CarrieM213

    Thanks, Tom and Stephanie, I didn’t know there was a meeting of the working group. I’m happy to step up and help more. I was planning on going to Spokes Council orientation tonight too, so maybe I can meet up with you?