Minutes Working Group Meeting 01/26/2012

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Minutes Working Group Meeting

60 Wall Street

January 26, 2012

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Members in attendance: Lauren, Brett, Christina, Jeff, David, Bana, Trish

  1. Laptops: We have two laptops available for the Minutes Working Group. One from tech-ops and one from Tim. Jeff has bottomlined contacting tech and Tim to get those laptops.
  2. Flyers: We went through our first 500 flyers. We agreed to get 250 more made. Lauren is taking care of this.
  3. Transcription Plan:  We’ll be using notes.occupy.net to give volunteers a way to colloborate on the transcription process using the audio uploaded at archive.org. The basic idea is that we’ll create a new note for each Spokes or GA at notes.occupy.net, paste in the minutes to provide a stub for volunteers to work with and then provide that link in the Quick Find Table for volunteers to access and help transcribe the meetings. Lauren will be contacting the volunteers.
  4. Past Proposal Table: Christina got us up to speed on the past proposal table. Right now it doesn’t have a “home” but facilitation has been taking on that role. It’s one of the ways they provide continuity on the agenda and they use minutes for a lot of their information. Facilitation seemed really happy with our new formatting that restates the proposal and either friendly amendments or why it was tabled or blocked. Basically the more context we can provide the easier it is for facilitation. Christina is going to be creating a cluster to help facilitate this process and will be back in touch with Minutes soon.
  5. Relationship to GA: In lieu of the changes we’ve recently made we decided that we will give a reportback to Spokes Council and the GA so that everybody knows what we are doing now.
  6. Formatting: We’ve made some pretty significant changes to the way we format minutes.  For an example of these changes check out Spokes Council Minutes for January 23, 2012. The basics: Location, time, facilitators, stack, time keeper, and who took minutes. Who gave reportbacks/announcements. And what proposals were given with a brief summary of the final result, i.e., tabled due to a point of process; reached consensus, etc. Again the January 23rd Spokes Council Minutes offer a very good example of this. Lauren is in the process of creating a template for new minutes takers so that everybody is on the same page.

  7. Trish: Trish arrived late to the meeting and accused minutes of making a huge mistake regarding something she had said at the GA on January 24th. She asked us to bring up those minutes so she could show us. We went through the minutes with her and she confirmed that the record was in fact correct and then accused us of changing it. She claimed to have printed out what she had seen. When we asked if we could see it to better understand her allegation she refused. But she did confirm that the minutes as they stand are correct.
  8. Occupy Townsquare: David agreed to email Max about Sundays event to see if there will be tabling and to see what kind of outrech Minutes can do there.

Another wonderful, productive Minutes meeting with lots of love and support from our friends at Facilitation. There was also a great discussion about strengthening our relationship with facilitation. Meeting adjounred at 7:00pm


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