Minutes WG minutes 3/15/2012

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Minutes Working Group Meeting, March 15, 2012, 6pm

Location: 60 Wall Street

Present: Lauren, Carrie, Anthony, Negesti, Jeff, Nick

Minutes: Carrie

Discussion: Minutes is one of the oldest working groups at Occupy Wall Street and is absolutely vital to its functioning. Not only do we provide movement transparency by taking minutes of all General Assemblies and Spokes Councils, but we also keep the movement operational by keeping a record of all decisions made through the consensus process, for future reference. Our membership has ebbed and flowed since the beginning of the occupation, but in the past few weeks we’ve lost almost all our members. We basically have no one left as part of the group to take minutes.

Decision: Lauren and Carrie will each pick one day a week for which they will commit to taking minutes. Lauren prefers to do Thursdays. Carrie will decide on a day each week, based on what seems the most important meetings for which to have minutes, e.g., those that have many and/or significant proposals on the agenda. Carrie will also keep bringing her laptop to all the GAs and SCs she attends in case she needs to take minutes. Lauren will send out a calendar on Sundays to the group in order to see if there’s anyone who wants to volunteer. At Thursday GAs, Lauren will stand up and ask if there’s anyone there who can do Saturday.

Action item: Need to have a training about how to use the audio recorder. Lauren will plan.

Action item: Carrie will ask Hillel about how to update the Quicklinks page, and also about how to access analytics of how many people are accessing minutes pages on NYCGA.net.

Action item: Need to have a group discussion about minutes and documentation. Tabled until next meeting to further plan.

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