Minutes WG Meeting 3/1/2012

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Minutes Working Group Meeting
March 1, 2012, 6pm
Location: 60 Wall Street

Present: Corey, Hillel, Carol, Carrie, Lauren

Minutes: Hillel

Role of minutes taker in meetings (both SC and GA):
Carrie: In the past, minutes takers have participated in meetings by getting on stack, participating in straw polls, spoking at SC. Just because we are taking minutes does not mean we should be disenfranchised and not have a voice in meetings.
Lauren: There has been some concern about whether minutes takers can be unbiased if they are participating in the meetings. If minutes takers are biased, that bias is going to be present whether or not they participate in meetings.
Carol: How about asking for someone to stand in for the minutes taker if they want to participate?
Lauren: That’s fine. We also have the audio recorder for that purpose.
Carrie: We need to pass along this information to Facilitation so they know what our role is.

RESULT: Consensus that minutes takers can participate in both GA and SC meetings. Carrie will report this in a Facilitation WG meeting.

Metro Cards:
Lauren: Procedure for distributing Metro Cards has changed recently. Each WG can now distribute up to 5 cards to its members. We need to put in our minutes who is getting cards.

Corey, Carrie and Carol need Metro Cards

Point People:
Lauren and Hillel have been acting as point people. Carrie and Carol will take over as point people for Accounting and Housing (metro cards).

Lauren: Jeff and Dave have stepped back, so we are shorthanded (again). We need to start making announcements at GAs and SCs to get more volunteers.
Corey: Can we make a template?
Hillel: Will bottomline doing that.
Carrie: Will make announcement at GA tonight.

Hillel: Tech has moved a few things around on website. “Minutes” link now goes directly to Quicklinks page. This puts more onus on us to update this page regularly. Hillel will bottomline doing that for the immediate future.

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