Minutes V&G Meeting 3/6 60 Wall Street 100% Quorum

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Minutes V&G Meeting 3/6
60 Wall Street
100% Quorum
Meetin convened at 5:45
In attendance:
Lisa – Minutes
Quince – Time
Itzak – Facilitator
Facilitator for Thursday – Djorje
  • Use new material and work concurrently on fist doc as Goals
  • Statement  process not to go forward w/o feedback
  • Bring bullets to GA Statement for consensus and devise system for separating the up-twinkles from the stand asides, from the blockers and start working on Goals
Lisa said that we have a goal statement
Tony said he agrees but wants to know the definition of each – if we could clarify
Bill said that it doesn’t matter what you want to call the statements; we just want to get everyone to look at the big picture and move forward from there.
Lisa said that if people want to move forward- as they have often stated then we should use the material from the past GA because it is positive, in the future, and common beliefs
Itzak says that Lisa’s view is too optimistic – a different group at another GA will never go for it
Djore says that that GA was positive  and that we should tell them that we have a start for the Goals
Sati – there will be a possibility to work with Tech Ops to build sub pages for each bullet point so that OWS can add whatever they want to – so we can have a whole doc of new resources
Lisa says we don’t need to gather more resources – we have them – that the new sources are about unity – after we craft it we will bring it to GA for consensus w/FA – they decide everything – whatever is proposed we put it out to the GA to decide – the statement will be OWS voice by being brought to consensus
Djore says that the two ideas for going forward are not mutually exclusive – they can be sequential
CT – has worked a lot w/ V.S – it is really ‘outcomes’ – not a vision.  Values . Like respect – no one can say that they don’t want to be respected – that is something everyone can agree on
Sati wants to read a passage CT’s  book  that will be helpful
Bill reads the passage (Values based vision?)
Itzak says there seems to be a lot of things to discuss and we have no time; he suggests we do a  temp check on what to do – which proposal to work on
Sati adds another item to vote on – that we table it to next meeting –
It was consensed to table it
Sumumba announced that we will have metro cards this Thursday for the following members:
More topics:
Meeting times
We will not be meeting this Saturday
How many meetings a week should we have – 1, 2, or 3
Itzak wants to talk about values in the VS – OWS do not share any values
Sati says we should use one day for Goals and one day for the Vision
Rich says we should see if we can use the last GA’s words – we lost too many voices at our last editing session – and that the GA was right in saying that their voices are not represented b/c we removed them – especially from the Preamble
Sumumba – we are not just speaking for OWS – we want to represent larger ideas for the rest of the 99%
Tony – disagrees – you cannot speak for anyone outside of OWS
Itzak – disagree – it was not about the lost words – but b/c their words were not there it was ‘proof’ it does not represent them
Lisa said that the last GA was very diversified – every group that has objected in the past were there and they participated – and the responses were very similar across the board
Rich  felt that after the preamble was removed everyone felt we  cut out voices
Meeting adjourned at 7:30

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