Minutes to meeting June 12, 2012

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OWS Disability Caucus 6/12/12, 5:30pm, at CIDNY, 3rd Fl.

Philip Bennett*
Ramon Bellido*
Connie Lesold*
Paula Wolff*

Nadina suggested from afar we do something in July for ADA.
Philip: Previously we talked about teach-ins.
Connie: Assisted Outpatient commitment (AOT): being reviewed by the NYS Legislature.  Right now case managers can throw people into a psych hospitals “if you are liable to regress.”  Also overdrugging people which leads to “morbidity factors.”  When AOT first came up everyone but shrinks opposed it but shrinks won, now rest of world have given up: AOT is a cash cow.
Paula: talking about ADA: right to refuse medical treatment not in ADA: we should teach people what does the ADA do & not do.
Ramon: shrinks will harm people whether patients are rich or poor.
Connie: Black people stay in hospital longer than white people.  But people aren’t doing anything about it.
Paula: Volunteers will do their own thing & people with disabilities who’ve survived through big egos are hard to manage.
Who could talk about AOT at OWS or DIA event?  Connie?  John Greshem?  Tina Minkowitz?
DIA & ADA: we should teach about ADA and what other laws can we propose to redress things.
Philip: so why aren’t more people coming to meetings?
ADA celebration: we decide on Sat. July 28th in Union Square Park, 3pm to 5pm.  Early afternoon?
Sound equipment: ask for it as DIA.
Sunshine opposed to Gandhi statue.  How about Borough Hall Park?  Nadina says she’ll never go to Bklyn.
I’ll call Nadina.  Connie knows people in OWS inner circle.  Must decide all by next week.
739pm.  We are adjourned.

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