Minutes + To-Do List from Monday’s Meeting (03-12-12)

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Environmental Solidarity WG at OWS / 03-12-12 / Monday Meeting Minutes + To-Do List

Facilitator, Stack-taker, Time-keeper: Johanna

Note-taker: Russell

  1. Report-back from yesterday (Fukushima march)
    1. Pete:  There were 150 people I think.  There was probably a technical error in going to the Park first, instead of ending the march by taking the whole group to the ambassador/Consul General’s house.  It was very spirited and overall quite good.  AP was there and some Japanese press.
    2. Ken:  Robert and I broadcast some of the sounds from the day on WBAI.  Also, it was great that we picked up people along the way.
  2. Antiwar WG / joint teach-in on March 31
    1. Alice S.:  Pete and Chris and I think we need to do more education work, because of the fact that our joint statement with Occupy Moscow did not pass the GA.  Of course, we later learned that that group didn’t want the statement to be about nuclear power as well, and we later heard from others that there’s no such thing as Occupy Moscow.
      1.                                       i.     Johanna:  You should forget the GA.  Just move forward with the endorsement/authorship of our WGs.
    2. Alice S.:  Chris and I will give a teach-in.  First part will be about nuke power, and the second part will be about nuke power and its connection to nuke weapons.  It’ll be at Liberty Square on Saturday-March 31.
    3. Ken can connect Alice to a woman in Moscow named Anne Marie
  3. Megan (of Holy Child and Nevada Desert Experience)’s ideas
    1. Megan:  I propose that there be a national day of action against nuclear weapons facilities and their support industries.  I think Occupations across the country should do something for it.  The thing is, Oak Ridge (TN), Kansas City (MO), and Los Alamos (NM) are all expanding the weapons side of nuclear technology.  In Kansas City right now, they make 83% of the non-nuclear component parts at a new site.  Obviously, the point is to make new nuclear bombs.  And we don’t want anymore nuclear weapons, and we have an opportunity to demand so.
      1.                                       i.     Megan:  I propose that the days be August 6 and 9 (Hiroshima, Nagasaki).
        1. Megan:  There’s a vote on this in Kansas City on August 2
        2. Point of information:  Occupypalooza will be going on at that time.
        3.                                     ii.     Megan:  Flyers are forthcoming.  Sustainable alternatives should be part of the messaging.
  4. Occupy Town Square (here: OTS)
    1. Ena:  OTS meets Wednesdays at 8pm at the atrium
    2. Ena:  We are having our 4th OTS on March 25 (to avoid Disrupt Dirty Power) at Fort Greene Park
    3. Ena:  Your WG will have a table.  Do you want to do a teach-in too?
      1.                                       i.     Temperature check on the idea of having David from the anti-PR pipeline group do a teach-in there?  all twinkles
    4. Ena:  Do you know of any environmental groups in Brooklyn that would be interested in being there?
    5. Ena:  One idea was to have a solar panel on-site, and ideally to have it hooked up to a food station.
  5. Report-back from Saturday (Marcellus Shale Earth First DA training)
    1. Russell L:  These were some of the folks who founded Occupy Well Street.  I will look for their pretty awesome material to share with the group.  An Earth First-type approach to making the world better is to do small “substantive” actions that get in the way of the fossil fuel business-as-usual.  The training I went to dealt basically only with fracking and what it might look like to get in the way of frack operations.
      1.                                       i.     Pete:  I think that small direct actions are great and they’re part of the strategy, but without a mass movement, they do little-to-nothing.  I also think there’s a tinge of elitism there.
        1. Ken:  A movement needs a great variety of approaches/actions to converge on an issue and stop it from happening.
          1. Russell L:  That’s what we might call a “diversity of tactics,” except of course in our context (lately), when “diversity of tactics” is invoked, folks are usually talking about the permissibility or impermissibility of wearing masks to break windows.  (Just noting that, and that Ken’s example left that part out.)

—————————-short, off-process discussion about strategy and tactics———————–

Pete:  I think discussions of political strategy and tactics are more than just personal preference.

Max:  I think this is a potentially awesome conversation but I think it’s for another time


  1. What Dan M. has to share with us
    1. Dan:  Here are two handouts.  Please read my article and give me feedback.  Part of it is about how making connections to the (local) community is so important.
      1.                                       i.     Dan:  Share this with anyone at Occupy would be interested or who has a stake in this conversation.
  2. The upcoming NYC Friends of Clearwater Meeting
    1. Donna:  It’s the third Friday of every month, so it’s this coming Friday-March 16.
    2. Donna:  I will send info out to the group.
  3. Report-back from the Occupy Climate conference call
    1. Robert:  This was an international call / networking effort.
    2. Robert:  We talked about communications, particularly what is the best way to meet online, particularly videochatting, etc.
      1.                                       i.     Robert:  I’ll send info out about this.
  4. A Calendar for Earth Month
    1. Russell L:  I think it’s past time we put a hard-copy calendar together for the actions that we know about plus the actions that we’re planning for Earth Month, and I suggest we make it a list and insert it into Max’s flyer for our re-proliferation
      1.                                       i.     Russell L:  Part of the strategy, too, should be to keep these events (the ones we know about plus the ones we’re planning) online, and I think the natural places we conclude we want that is disruptdirtypower.org and eco-cluster.net (both).
    2. Pete:  We’ll do this on Friday.  We’ll have Max add the events to the flyer.
    3. Pete:  We also have to choose between actually doing something on the Equinox or changing the flyer to begin Earth Month on March 24.  We’ll decide this on Friday.
      1.                                       i.     Ken:  There’s outreach to Wicca groups that I can do, in the way of an actual Equinox ritual.
      2.                                     ii.     Pete:  The existing idea was for us to post that we are having a party on the Equinox, and we and anyone who came would launch Earth Month that way.  We have to decide on this party idea, and we have to decide whether what we do on Equinox would actually be at 1am or if we’d do it at a different time.  March 20 is a Tuesday.
        1. Robert:  I think the thing to do is talk to COOLS.  We could use the two hours of COOLS to have an Equinox thing in the middle of the day.  (That makes it easy.)
  5. Announcements
    1. Russell L:  I just want to repeat for everyone what Robert told me a minute ago.  Cluster was scheduled for the past Saturday, and I said I wouldn’t go but Robert said he would.  The problem was—and this wasn’t my job or his really, but the facilitator’s probably­—no one ever asked Pete to secure 56 Walker for us.  So, Robert showed up, and was the only one, and it was locked and he later went home.  (Thankfully, he’s not too bummed out.)


To-do list (where possible, with a reference number to where this came up in the minutes)


  • The whole Working Group will have a productive meeting on Friday, which will include coming up with a calendar for Earth Month, and making sure that the calendar gets on Max’s flyer, and making sure that the calendar gets on eco-cluster.net, and making sure the calendar gets on disruptdirtypower.org (9b)
  • The whole Working Group will make decisions Friday about Equinox and especially whether or not to do something on March 20 at COOLS (9cii1)
  • The whole Working Group will do what it can to make the next Occupy Town Square good, including by having David of the anti-PR pipeline group give a teach-in.  There’s more; see: (4)
  • The whole Working Group will consider having a conversation about strategy and tactics and what we think of the phrase “diversity of tactics” and what we think of those articles on the so-called Black Bloc that got sent around awhile back
  • The whole Working Group will look out for Megan’s information and ways to collaborate with her for a day of action against nuke weapons (3c)
  • Ken can connect Alice to a woman in Moscow named Anne Marie (2c)
  • Russell L. will do a little bit more to share with the WG some of the frack-well-pad specific info he got at the training, if he can find the material (5a)
  • Dan M. will share with the WG more of what he was talking about (6)
  • Donna will send out to the group info on the NYC Friends of Clearwater meeting, at which Dan will speak (7)
  • Robert will send out info to the WG on the Occupy Climate conference call he was on (8bi)

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